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An Independent Mind: Keith Hatcher

WE have to admit that we have a soft spot for the Independent candidates in Thurrock. We hope that doesn’t sound patronising but the idea of the non-aligned man or woman standing up for what concerns them in their ward is admirable and perhaps strikes at the heart of local democracy.

Of course, some may say that the two Independent candidates in East Tilbury may illustrate where the difficulties lay especially when your voting record shows a definite empathy with the Conservative Party.

Keith Hatcher is standing in Tilbury Riverside and Thurrock Park. He stood last year and gained a highly creditable 312 votes.

He may well do even better this year as, by his own admission, did not do a lot of work in Tilbury last year.

YT spoke to Keith about his policies, what his campaign is based on and told us whether he would vote with one side or another.

You never know, with Labour unlikely to poll more than 500, if Keith could find those extra 200 votes then it could get interesting.


  1. Good luck to Keith although I don’t believe he’ll beat the gorgeous Labour Candidate. But hey, he’s going to come second and beat the awful BNP candidate from Hornchurch and that cannot be a bad thing.

  2. Well done Keith excellent interview! I will be supporting you! about time we have someone that understands the issues that face us!
    In reference to Tapestry’s comment im not sure about the Labour candidate winning she doesn’t know much and hasn’t be out and about in tilbury riverside and thurrock park!

  3. All Labour candidates need to do is just be Labour candidates. It’s tradition for people to vote Labour in the area and I think that she will be more attractive to voters in Thurrock Park than last years candidate so Keith won’t do so well there.

  4. Nice try Susan but your comments are very misleading. The Tilbury candidate is one of the most popular candidates up for election this year and has been a Labour Party activist in Tilbury for about 10 years. She has been active on the streets and in the council chamber and has lodged petitions and asked significant questions of the admininistration both Tory and Labour for several years.

    She is a local mother whos children go to school in the town and she understands fully the issues the residents face on a daily basis. She has been out on the doors in Thurrock Park and Tilbury and if successful come May 5th she will be speaking up for residents in the chamber against the planned lorry park on the greenbelt. Anybody that knows her will tell you that the council will have no place to hide when she wants an answer for her residents.

    Keith is a nice enough man but his interview showed his examples to all be around Thurrock Park residents issues and not Tilbury families. Perhaps it is time for the council to look at the boundaries as the commuinities have very little in common but that is for another day.

    As for the BNP candidate, he does not deserve a comment.

  5. And the Labour candidate just spouts the usual mis-information and scare stories that is typical of Thurrock Labour Party. As usual, other contributors with their flag nailed to a mast make inane comments that support the Labour Party’s candidate and, everyone else cannot be good enough.


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