Sunday, June 23, 2024

Church gain as Trading Standards donate from counterfeit seizures

FAKE designer clothes seized by Thurrock Council’s Trading Standards team have found a new home with vulnerable young people and families thanks to the work of charity His Church.

His Church take seized counterfeit clothes which are normally destroyed, remove the fake labels and replace them with their own “HIS” branding. The clothes are then distributed to charities.

TRUST (Thurrock Racial Unity Support Taskgroup) accepted the load of jumpers, trousers, T-shirts and underwear with open arms.

TRUST Youth Worker Farry Ismail said: “These clothes will be distributed through our group to families and young people who have very little and it will make a real difference to them.”

The group also received food donated by companies like Kellogs which will be given out at events like TRUST youth club football groups to those young people who would not normally have a snack to enjoy after exercise.

Trading Standards Manager Gavin Dennett said: “This is a win win situation and represents the ultimate in recycling. Normally when we seize counterfeit goods they legally have to be destroyed. However thanks to His Church and permission from large companies like Calvin Klein the clothes go to a worthy home.”

In exchange for the delivery of HIS designer clothing Thurrock’s Trading Standards team filled the His Church 7.5 tonne truck with recently seized goods which will go through the charity makeover and find their way into grateful hands.



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