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Election 2011: Ward by Ward: Corringham and Fobbing

THIS WARD has not always been the safe Tory seat that one assumes. Over the past two elections the Tories have won by around 150 votes, which is comfortable, but they know they cannot be complacent.

This year sees Mark Coxshall, come out from behind the scenes as Jackie Doyle Price and Stephen Metcalfe’s political assistant and become a political entity on his own.

Anyone who has seen Mark operate close up will know what a skilled operator he is. In YT’s opinion, he was the man who got Jackie over the winning line in the General Election of 2010.

If he is returned, then his skills may well be used to restructure the Thurrock Conservatives into a more cohesive force. That is to say, messrs Revell and Anderson accompanied by Mr Coxshall may go about developing a closer working relationship between the South Basildon and East Thurrock group and the Thurrock group.

But what has that got to do with the election?

We spoke to Mark on Saturday. He said: “It would be a privilege to serve the people of Corringham and Fobbing. These are vital times for the ward. There are great opportunities for the ward, with the development of the DP World being just one example.”

“I have been involved in politics since 1983 and this feels like the right time to take a more representative role.

“These are very encouraging days for the Conservative Party in the borough. We have seen candidates queueing up to be selected.”

Labour also have a first time candidate in Robert Fitch. The key factor will be the performance of UKIP. They may benefit from the absence of the BNP for the first time since 2007. In the last two elections, they have polled 469 and 303 votes respectively. It will be interesting to see where those votes go.

YT Prediction: Tory gain: 125 maj

Corringham & Fobbing

Kirsty Beard (Liberal Democrat)
Mark Coxshall (Conservative)
Robert Fitch (Labour)
Thomas Kelleher (United Kingdom Independence Party)


  1. Ive never met Mark Coxall but he would need to have divine powers to sort out the current Tory divisions. Thurrock tories are split straight down the middle and scheme against eachother let alone other political parties.

  2. From the Telepgraph -“Taxpayers are paying £5 billion a year in interest on money the Government borrowed to support the banking sector, MPs have disclosed. The Commons public accounts committee found that, while direct government support to the financial services industry had declined, banks still received “extensive” taxpayer support. According the National Audit Office, “explicit” support provided to the banks fell from £955 billion in December 2009 to £512 billion by December 2010. That support included direct loans to banks and the cost of taking stakes in RBS and Lloyds Banking Group. In all, the Government borrowed £124 billion to provide loans to banks and to buy shares, the MPs found.”
    Consider the Public Sector – we always carry the cost!

  3. Mark Coxshell has never lived in Thurrock until he shacked up with Jackie Doyle-Price and moved to Purfleet. I am sure the people would love to have a councillor who lives 8 miles away on the other side of the borough representing them.


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