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Election 2011: Ward by Ward: Little Thurrock Rectory

THIS ward has been a relatively safe seat for the Conservatives over the past few years and is likely to remain so next week. The Conservative candidate, Tom Kelly is an affable young man who will no doubt impress on the doorstep. A former Lib Dem candidate, speaking to Tom, he still feels like a Lib Dem candidate (you know what I mean) but stood for the Tories last year and made a fine showing in Stifford Clays.

If Tom wins he will no doubt be an asset to the party. Let us hope that the party use this valuable asset. The quality that Tom, Shane Hebb and Ben Gadsby have is that they don’t feel the need to go around a be “Tories” all the time.

As we have said, Tom will no doubt benefit from the cache and good will ward councillor Rob Gledhill has developed over the years. He will also benefit from not being Stuart St Clair-Haslam.

Labour’s candidate, Eileen O’Reilly is the mother of outgoing Corringham councillor Roisin Hewitt. Eileen’s campaign has been to hammer home the impact of the cuts to police numbers, NHS operations, council services to the people of Little Thurrock. Many may still say it “Was Gordon Brown’s fault” others may buy into the “too quick too deep” argument.

Affable Alan Broad from UKIP will no doubt make his usual impact in the campaign.

YT Prediction: Cons gain: 130

Little Thurrock Rectory

Alan Broad (United Kingdom Independence Party)
Tom Kelly (Conservative)
Eileen O`Reilly (Labour)
Matthew Orbell (Liberal Democrat)


  1. Hello – As Chair of Little Thurrock Community Forum may I wish all Candidates in the Little Thurrock Rectory Ward happy canvassing and good luck on the 5th May 2011.
    The Management Team of the Forum will expect regular attendance at Forum meetings and good communication along the lines which currently exist with Coun(s) Robert Gledhill and Stuart St. Clair-Haslam
    Good Luck – Vincent Offord Temp Chair Little Thurrock Community Forum

  2. Your Thurrock Prediction of: tory gain by 130

    I think not! is this a labour win the national prediction?
    Good luck to all the candidates anyway!

  3. Thanks Your Thurrock for separate page for Little Thurrock under Communities – I will endeavour to provide worthwhile News stories.
    Vincent Offord – Temp Chair Little Thurrock Forum


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