Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Karate Mums trade breakfast in bed for tournament!

On Sunday 3rd April, Seitou Ryu Karate hosted their 4th SRK Spring Open Championship Tournament at The Gateway Academy in Tilbury.

Kim Mandy, a Seitou Ryu black belt, instructor and mother of three made it a family event by competing alongside her eldest daughter Tatum, while a heavily pregnant Caroline Hang Hong, wife of Chief Instructor Richard, black belt and current mother of one manned the refreshment stand for the day.

Seven members of the club’s tournament squad – Team SRK – made their Mums proud by winning 16 medals; over half of the 31 medals won by Seitou Ryu in total!
The results for the squad are as follows;
· James Burberry (Chelmsford), 9yrs, 7th kyu. Bronze kata, Gold kumite
· Jorden Saunders (Corringham), 13yrs, 4th kyu, Silver kata, Silver team kata, Bronze kumite
· Jade Green (South Ockendon), 14yrs 1st Dan, Silver kata
· Samuel Parker (Tilbury), 18yrs, 1st Dan, Silver kata, team kata, kumite
· Martin Lawrence (Chelmsford), 28yrs, 1st Dan, Bronze kata, Silver team kata, Bronze kumite
· Zoe Nolan (Wickford), 8yrs 6th kyu, Bronze team kata, Bronze kumite
· Khalid Heath (Wickford), 11yrs, 6th kyu, Bronze team kata, Bronze kumite

Richard Hang Hong, 3rd Dan black belt and Chief Instructor of Seitou Ryu Karate had decided to bring the tournament forward due to the imminent arrival of his second daughter in May, Richard said; ‘It was great to see so many Mums here on such a special day, everyone had a great time and I made sure I wished them all a happy Mother’s day before the tournament ended’.

Classes in Seitou Ryu Karate run all year round across Grays, South Ockendon, Wickford and Chelmsford. With over 150 currently active members training throughout these areas, it is suitable for everyone from five years old upwards, with separate classes for all ages and abilities. For more information about classes please contact Sensei Richard on 07899 827476 or visit the club website; www.seitouryukarate.com


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