Sunday, June 23, 2024

Exit Poll: Voters staying loyal to their parties

YT spent the day in all sixteen wards speaking to voters in what is anticipated to be one of the closest local elections in the borough for years.

We got the feeling that the cuts had not bitten deep enough for many people to change their voting habits.

Crime was a big factor in the east of the borough where voters were very critical of the police but not enough to change their voting pattern.

A voter said that since the last General Election, both his daughters had lost their jobs in the voluntary sector.

The Tory voters in Stanford West couldn’t give too figs for “Winegate” and felt that the coalition had a difficult job and needed time.

Every person who entered the East Tilbury polling station knew John Purkiss. Even the first time voters we spoke to.

Thurrock Park and Little Thurrock were quiet as were the stations in the centre of town. The Thameside Theatre staff said it was the quietest they had ever seen.

UKIP were much in evidence over the month in Stifford Clays.

For voters in Chafford it was all about services. They weren’t the Nimbys they are sometimes labelled but again it didn’t seem enough to change their voting patterns.

Many many people were very complimentary regarding their local councillors.

In Aveley, it was all about services. They dont like feeling isolated up there and were critical of the bus services. Everyone up there wouldn’t reveal who they were voting for but you got the feeling it was a traditional vote.

Overall, we didnt get the feeling that people would be “protesting” their vote or wasting it.

As we say, this was not that scientific but it gave us a feel for things.


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