Kindle investment brings dividends at Ormiston Park

OPA invest in 150 kindles for their Y6 going into Y7 students, 
in order for a smooth transition to Secondary school

Ormiston Park Academy make it their duty to stay in touch and on par with their technologically advanced students. Therefore it is no wonder that this latest venture to purchase 150 kindle’s for their upcoming Y7 students is certainly not a surprise.

Transition to Secondary School can be one of the greatest challenges in a child’s life. He or she may have been supported and coped well in a smaller setting and it may be only when they leave this and have to manage in a larger setting, with more responsibility that some children start not to cope. Additionally coping with higher levels of numeracy and literacy can also be a challenging task for many new Y7 students. So the thought of providing Y6, (soon-to-be Y7) students with a tablet that is complete with an array of literature, that can provide a wealth of reading, can only set the students in good stead.

Huw Derrick, Vice Principal at Ormiston Park Academy came up with the idea. “After hearing a vast amount of stories from parents whose children had voiced their concerns of dealing with more challenging work as their main worry about moving up to Secondary school, it was imperative I found a way of aiding these obstacles. Therefore providing children with an opportunity to read literature on a savvy gadget throughout the Summer holidays in preparation for Secondary school was the perfect solution to help set them off on the right foot.”

Kindle investments are springing up in schools around the country, bringing a new form of digital reading to the curriculum.  Educators, such as those at Ormiston Park Academy are exploring how Kindles can mesh with curricular activities and enhance learning.

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