Thursday, June 20, 2024

Deputy leader Val swoops back in by 500

Grays Riverside

Valerie Morris-Cook increased her majority from 305 four years ago to 521. Her increased popularity helped but what also helped was the non-participation of four “low profiles” from the other parties. However, over 500 is still pretty good from the Tories. Lib Dems have planted some roots as well.

Again, Val will be fighting the corner for Grays Beach Park and a host of other issues.

Some say Val may have possible bigger fish to fry. We will see in the coming weeks.

Valerie Morris-Cook (Labour) 1036
Dawn Evans (Conservative) 515
Jagdev S Bal (United Kingdom Independence Party) 167
Mark McNab (British National Party) 124
Kevin Mulroue (Liberal Democrat) 121

Majority: 521

Turnout: 27%


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