Huge majority for Independent Purkiss

East Tilbury

John Purkiss (Independent) 912
Eleanor Lowe (Labour) 303
Paul Polley (Conservative) 211
Peter Fox (United Kingdom Independence Party) 100
Luke Tyson (Liberal Democrat) 56

Turnout: 33%

Maj: 609

YT stood outside the East Tilbury Polling Station on Thursday morning and it was a procession of “Hello John, Hello John and Hello John” Enough said. With the 24/22 split, both John and Barry will again play the role of kingmakers.

Good work by young firebrand Ellie Lowe gaining 303 (this seat got 137 in 2007).

Also special mention to Lib Dem organiser Luke Tyson. The East Tilbury student worked so hard and ran a great campaign. Yes, he got 56 votes but things will only get better…..(sorry wrong party).

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