MP’s fixer wins vital seat at Corringham and Fobbing

Corringham & Fobbing

The perestroika of the Thurrock Conservatives begins here! Mark increased the Tory majority from 2007 from 169 to 253. No doubt he succeeded again by getting out on the doorstep more than most. But the Labour vote is less the mark of the devil and more an illustration that should the cuts really bite over the next two years then this seat may, just may be vulnerable.

Marks presence in the chamber will be welcome for his political acumen and he could be part of the solution to the Tories regaining power.

Mark Coxshall (Conservative) 909
Robert Adam Fitch (Labour) 666
Thomas Kelleher (United Kingdom Independence Party) 290
Kirsty Beard (Liberal Democrat) 88

Turnout: 33%

Maj: 253

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