Simon says Chafford is safe for Tories

Chafford & North Stifford

The definitive good man in Chafford wins the day. Simon will no doubt serve the back bench well and bring a strong sense of common sense and civic duty to the chamber.

The Lib Dem vote collapsed in the ward but this has been the annus horribilus for David Cameron’s “human shields”. Ironically, James Donald really impressed and ran a really good campaign. We hope to hear from James again. Their stock will rise. It may take some time but it will.

Very good performance from Gus as well. Labour may have something brewing here in Chafford as well.

Simon Wootton (Conservative) 857
Gus Nwanze (Labour) 449
James Donald (Liberal Democrat) 127
Adrian Short (United Kingdom Independence Party) 120

Majority: 108

Turnout: 29%

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