Thursday, June 13, 2024

Labour stalwart Tony retains Chadwell St Mary

Chadwell St. Mary

Anthony Fish (Labour): 1,174
Lee Dove (Conservative) 523
James Baker (United Kingdom Independence Party) 262
Derek Beackon (British National Party) 165
Natalie Butcher (Liberal Democrat) 80

Majority: 651

Turnout: 31%

Tony boosted his majority by a whopping 516 since 2007. Tony and the Rice’s are indeed very popular in Chadwell. What was noticeable was the collapse of the BNP vote. Four years ago, when they were on the verge of something big they polled 738 votes. This time they slumped to 165.

A special mention goes to Conservative Lee Dove. A loyal Tory who doesnt get the coverage or credit he deserves. He gained a very creditable 523 votes.



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