Pauline wins in spite of Speight

The Homesteads

Pauline Tolson (Conservative) 1298
Richard Speight (Labour) 1055
Peter Prendergast (United Kingdom Independence Party) 485
Alan Maylin (Liberal Democrat) 107
Simon Barnes (The Green Party) 62

Majority: 244

Turnout: 45%

Funnily enough a victory for the Green candidate. For Simon Barnes was the only person who hoped that more people turned out to vote. The Homesteads had the largest turnout of all sixteen wards.

Again, another ward where both candidates polled over a thousand votes. In many ways this seat illustrates why David Cameron must be fairly pleased with the results and could easily see that the election is a vindication that their economic strategy is validated.

Richard Speight can be proud of himself. He ran a great campaign not only in the Homesteads but also throughout the borough. This will be a stepping stone for a great career we are sure.

As for Pauline Tolson. Well done. We are glad you think you worked hard for four years.

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