Thursday, June 20, 2024

Cathy comes home with increased vote in Grays Thurrock

Grays Thurrock

A FINE win for Cathy Kent as the voters continue to place their trust in the Labour leaders wife. Cathy increased her majority from 464 to 609 and the number of voters also increased by 137 on 2007.

Cathy will no doubt be part of the battle over the Adult Community College.

A good showing for Traci Barnes no doubt buoyed by her Tory hotline straight to a cruise company in York!

Catherine Kent (Labour) 1193
Traci Barnes (Conservative) 584
Raj Mistry (United Kingdom Independence Party) 197
Tom Davis (British National Party) 200
Will Jackson (Liberal Democrat) 97

Majority: 609

Turnout: 36%


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