Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Kelly’s the hero for the Little Thurrock ward

Little Thurrock Rectory

Tom Kelly (Conservative) 852
Eileen O`Reilly (Labour) 693
Alan Broad (United Kingdom Independence Party) 214
Matthew Orbell (Liberal Democrat) 56

Majority: 159

Turnout: 40%

ANOTHER nice young man enters the fray and cut and thrust of local politics. Tom Kelly worked hard last year and this year as well. A well deserved victory. We still think that if it talks like a Lib Dem, walks like a Lib Dem and thinks like a Lib Dem then, it, probably is a Lib Dem but Tom’s intelligence and maturity will be an asset to the chamber.

Labour ran a really good campaign as well. They used the ward as a sounding board and did well to get 693 votes.

UKIP’s Alan Broad drove a van around. “Give us a job. Go on giisit. I could do that…”


  1. As Temp Chairperson of Little Thurrock Community Forum may I congratulate Tom Kelly on hos election victory. Commiserations to all the other candidates. There is always a next time. Next Forum Meeting to be scheduled for end of May.


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