Sunday, June 16, 2024

Citizen Smith makes triumphant return

Stanford East & Corringham Town

Phil Smith (Labour) 1104
Natalie Gannon Quirk (Conservative) 968
Roy Robert Jones (United Kingdom Independence Party) 487
Adrian Leslie Stevart (Liberal Democrat) 70

Majority: 136

Turnout: 40%

It says something about Phil Smith that of all the sixteen acceptance speeches (and we filmed them all) he was the only one to say that he was going to address the concerns of residents that had been brought up on the doorstep.

Phil won 1104 votes, the highest amount in a local election in this ward for a long long time. He did it by quietly plugging away.

The Tories did well but once again, they could have done so much better. A stronger candidate could have won this one. There was only so much canvassing that Mr and Mrs Anderson could do.

Well done to UKIP. Good turnout.


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