Thursday, June 13, 2024

Gamu up for T-Fest!

New names for T-Fest 11

The list of celebrities signing up for T-Fest 11 is growing as the event draws closer.

Following last month’s announcement that the cast of The Only Way Is Essex and Jamie ‘Afro’ Archer from X Factor would be at Grays Beach Park for the weekend of 23 and 24 July two more names have been added.

T Fest 11 promises to be an incredible weekend of family fun, Gamu ― the X factor favourite ― and girl group The Bon Bonz have also signed up.

One other “star” will be the amazing Titan the Robot ―.known worldwide and one of the most amazing family attractions and needs to be seen to be believed.

To keep up to date with what’s happening, log on to the T-Fest 11 website (


  1. I thought that Gamu was being deported from the Uk due to her parents visa applictaion was turned down, I assume that this is now obviously not the case??

    As for the other cast that will be performing, other than Titan, are Thurrock really scraping the bottom of that barrel???

    Will T Fest be featuring the local talent of G.Dot, Mushley, Young Reyes etc???

  2. Well done T Fest!!!! its amazing how this event manages to get household names to come to Thurrock. Big pat on the back to Thurrock Council. I have always wanted to see Gamu and she is coming to Thurrock!!! Amazing, she has a great voice. I have seen Titan before and its great family fun. I can’t say thank you enough. T Fest has done so much for the people of Thurrock. We had nowhere to go this year, but who cares!!! We’ve got T Fest to attend for two whole days. We love T FEST.

  3. Well done T FEST, it keeps getting better and better.. Gamu Jamie ‘Afro’ TOWIE. Excellent, i’m thinking someone at Thurrock Council must have an inside link with the X Factor, Simon Cowell or some great contacts because its incredible the line up, that this events delivers each year. Forget the party poopers, its brillant. Love Gamu.

  4. GREAT LINE UP!!!!!. Me and my friends are looking forward to it. Seen Jamie Archer before, he’s even better with his band. Gamu was amazing on X Factor. Looking forward to seeing the local talent as well.


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