Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Howard Tenens planning inquiry may go into second week

WE COULD go into the fine detail of transcripted evidence in relation to the true age of the woodlands surrounding the Howard Tenens site on the Stifford Road, Aveley but we feel it may not be a thrilling read.

The appeal, chaired by Planning Inspector, Katie Peerless is baded on a number of enforcement notices imposed upon the site.

Yesterdays evidence included Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporations planning officer, David Moseley conclude in his evidence as well as environmental consultant, Steve Plum.

Indications are that the inquiry may well go into a second week.

Counsel for Howard Tenens, Christiaan Zwart once again referred to the decibel levels in the area relating to lorry movements and reminded the council of their core responsibilities to their residents regarding health and well being.

With both sides producing a raft of witnesses and documentation, the cost of the proceedings, may well move beyond a million pounds.


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