Tuesday, June 18, 2024

£20 million payout to Vertex made by council

Thurrock Council and its strategic partner — Vertex — have agreed a one-off payment for the current financial year which will save the council thousands of pounds.

This month’s published list of council invoices of £500 or more shows a payment of nearly £20 million (£19,984,435.91) from the council to the company.

Thurrock Council Leader, Cllr John Kent, explained: “Local authorities like Thurrock have access to funds at cheaper rates than private companies due to the collateral and capital they hold.

“This means we were able to negotiate a reduction in our payment to Vertex of just under £300,000 and, despite having to pay interest, we are still making a saving of approximately £200,000 overall.”

He added: “Instead of paying Vertex the full amount split up over regular monthly payments, we have paid the full amount in advance resulting in a substantial saving — and congratulations are deserved to all involved.

“Like all councils, we are having to look at making big savings again this year. This agreement means there’s £200,000 that can stay in our budget to provide the services local people need.”

Details of the council’s £500-or-more payments for April are available on its website (www.thurrock.gov.uk) and seeking Open Data on the A-to-Z.


  1. I hope that TBC have put terms and conditions in with the full payment, what is to stop Vertex reducing the services etc… whilst this may be a good saving for the council in the short term I really hope it does not come back to bite them on the behind


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