Tuesday, June 18, 2024

West Thurrock & South Stifford Councillors Support Lorry Petition

The West Thurrock & South Stifford councillors today spoke out in support of a petition by South Stifford residents to remove the lorry ban from Devonshire road.

Cllr Oliver Gerrish said “we are thrilled at the level of support for this campaign with over 500 signatures. We’d like to congratulate Keith Nicholls, Sue Domeney and all of the other campaigners for all their hard work in organising this petition.

“We have been campaigning hard on this issue for years and are sure that a Labour administration will get results on it. Devonshire road was built for lorries and there’s no excuse for forcing them to use London road instead. Our estimates are that you could reduce lorry traffic by up to 1500 vehicle movements a day in London road!”

Councillors Oliver Gerrish, Andy Smith and Victoria Holloway received the petition from residents last Saturday and delivered it to Thurrock Council Mayor Anne Cheale this week.


  1. Have Labour not been in administration for the past year then? Surely they could have done something about this during that time.

    Anyone would think Mr Gerrish is up for election next year…

  2. Devonshire Road was constructed to take the lorry traffic away from the narrow London Road but because of a few NIMBY’s this never happened, it is about time that this was all sorted out and the weight restriction taken away, lets see if Cllr Kent has the Kahunas to make this his first priority.


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