Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Demand for better parks in Chadwell St Mary

YOUNG AMY Hunt was sick and tired of the rusty old swings in her park near to her home in Courtney Road, Chadwell St Mary. So she went to school in Herringham and discussed it with the staff. Then she found out who the local councillor was and discussed it with them.

Councillor Tony Fish then called a meeting in the park of council officers and local families to see what could be done.

YT spoke to Wendy Lushley and Amy to find out what they could do.


  1. More needs to be done within the whole borough for our youth, there is now very little for any child / young adult to do, little wonder that Anti Social Behaviour is rife in the borough.

    Every bit of green is being swallowed up for housing rather than the benefit of of our youth, reports show the dangers of childhood obesity but we do very little to arrest the problem.

    Most youths just want somewhere they can call their own and be able to enjoy themselves but at prestent there is nowhere for them.

    lets get the kisd off the streets and into youth/community centres where they can start to play an active role in the future of the borough


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