Thursday, June 13, 2024

Thurrock Jelly breaks the mould

IT CAN be a lonely life for the self-employed. Working from home, in the converted office at the top of the house. Travelling the roads at all hours and only conversing with people in business-speak.

Well, Caroline Thomas from Sales Scene knows exactly how you feel and so organised a Thurrock Jelly: an event where individuals can come together to discuss, brainstorm and develop new alliances.

YT has noted with interest the number of people who have cropped up in the borough proclaiming to be “Social Media” experts. We suspect they got the title out of a christmas cracker! Caroline however, is the real mccoy, and with years of experience in sales can help you traverse a number of rocky marketing paths.

YT popped down to the Park Inn to speak to Caroline about the day.

We do hope there will be more to come as a lot of people seemed to get a lot out of it.


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