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Former mayor Redsell quits planning committee

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Statement concerning allegations against Cllr J Redsell.

From the leader of the Thurrock Conservative Group, cllr Phil Anderson

“On Thursday an anonymous package was delivered to Thurrock Council addressed to myself, containing a letter making allegations against Cllr Joy Redsell and a disc with a short video clip. The video shows Cllr Redsell in conversation with a man, with a map visible on the table in front of them. After viewing them, the letter and disc were passed on the Council’s legal department.

I have now completed an internal inquiry, and Cllr Redsell has provided a full written account of the circumstances of the meeting shown on the video clip. This includes details of the individuals involved and the precise nature of the discussions which took place.

I have sought advice from the Council’s Monitoring Officer regarding Cllr Redsell’s actions. This morning I have been advised that in the circumstances as described, the meeting should have been reported to the Planning Officer or Monitoring Officer under the Council’s Planning Code of Good Practise. This was not done.

Public confidence in the Planning Committee is essential to the reputation of Thurrock Council going forwards. For this reason, Cllr Redsell will not be putting her name forwards as a member of the Planning Committee for the 2011/12 municipal year.

Cllr Redsell apologises unreservedly that she did not report the meeting in line with good planning practise. I am personally committed to leading a group which maintains the highest standards of conduct in public office. I will continue to defend group members robustly against unproven allegations, but will not shy away from taking action after thorough investigation where it proves necessary.

Reaction to follow


  1. Given that I have formally complained for nine months about councillor Redsell and others I should feel vindicated, but sadly I don’t.

    Mr Anderson, I find it insulting and tiresome keep translating Thurrock Legalese- a language where you have to work out what has occurred by what HASN’T BEEN SAID. For Redsell to be made to resign – means that she met a property developer. What this also means that this is the first time she has been publicly caught – not the first time it has happened. This is not just a breach of the council’s Planning Code of Good Practice- this is a breach of Thurrock’s Constitution and a clear breach of her role as a councillor. It also means there are still lots of questions………….
    • Who is the man?
    • What is the name of the company he represents?
    • Has she met him before and if so how many times?
    • Does he have current planning considerations in Thurrock?
    • Has he received planning approval before?
    As there is enough evidence for her to have to resign from the planning committee – it demonstrates that she is dishonourable, unethical and possibly corrupt. Should that not mean at the least immediate suspension – if not a public sacking as a councillor? I feel sorry for any department that gets to inherit her- and then has to fake any sort of respect

    To keep Mrs Redsell on for the sake of her vote Mr Anderson– you have clearly sold your soul.

  2. So I think we can safely assume that it was a property developer that Joy Redsell met at the hotel funny how it took her six days to come to this and then had to be pushed her punishment for this to resign from the planning committee that she has tarnished if she had to go from this committee it is obvious she is guilty as charged but because Cllr Anderson needs her vote tonight at full council how can this women be court with both hands in the till and still be a member of the conservative party of Thurrock or is it a or is that a requirement of being in the tory’s at Thurrock I would like to say Cllr Anderson has proven in his first few weeks as leader what a complete and utter low life this leader is he is certainly no better than Cllr Joy Redsell and by his example actually worse.
    These are the facts Redsell guilty as charged should resign and Cllr Anderson should have the grit and the ballsack to get rid of her and do what is right how on earth can he maintain this position in these circumstances I would like to know his justification for embarrassing the rest of his party and his self back to the point of Redsell I now believe it is time to call in the police and let sort this situation out.

  3. When this matter was being discussed yesterday following on from the material recieved, I chose not to make judgement or make comment on Your Thurrock as I believe in “innocent until proven otherwise”. However, I am so disgusted by the above – the statement from Cllr Anderson is simply not good enough. This councillor needs to resign immediately as she is not fit for office. Instead, because this resignation would leave the Tories with no chance of taking power this evening, she remains in place. No doubt a very tough challenge for Cllr Anderson in his first week as leader, but this councillor needs to go. Residents of Thurrock deserve a fuller answer than this – and answers to the quesions listed by Donovan above. A clear message needs to be given out that this will not be tolerated or condoned in anyway. This councillor has forfeited their right to serve on this authority, and as long as this councillor remains in office the reputation of Thurrock Council (not just the Conservatives) is tarnished. The decent thing must be done – I would expect the same of Labour, Independent, UKIP or Lib Dem if the situation pertained to them.

  4. Why am i too not surprised that Roy has had her arm put up her back and resigned from planning.

    I had hoped that Phil was going to bring some authority in the party but this has clearly not happened, this is the same old tories treating thurrock tax payers the same old way.

    Cast your mind back to when Danny Nicklen, James Halden and Eddie Hardiman were caught stealing wine from an event in Canvey and acting like animals in the mayoral car and local pub. Not one of them were suspended for embarressing Thurrock residents and clearly Phil is following the same party line as Gary Hague when he was leader. Just told keep your head down it will all blow over!!!!!! And to some extent it did.

    Joy Redsell goes much further than drunken behaviour, she clearly broke the councillor code of conduct and Thurrock Councils constituti n. A suspension while a full investigation goes ahead would have shown Phil was in for the long hall and not just chasing glory tonight.

  5. Councillor redsell has been made to resign. What have you go to do to be made to resign off that council. Could she have done a worst thing she has betrayed everybody all the residents of Thurrock council she has betrayed the tory party. Everybody in the council offices will be ridiculed. If these are not grounds enough for her to be made to resign then by councillor anderson He has got to publicly humiliate this woman and set and make an example of her. I am totally disgusted and if she don’t go he should! . By the way welcome to politics at Thurrock where things that should be done are seldom done and where things that shouldn’t happen are always happning especially where this woman is concerned.

  6. Joy Redsell should resign my dad was a cllr all his life loyal to his residents trying to sort out local issues i lost my dad last year. nevertheless i was proud of him for all his hard work in our community and article like this that leave a bad taste in my mouth because the other 48 cllr’s all probably put so much hard work and effort into there wards and there is people like cllr redsell that give the people of Thurrock doubt about the rest i am truly sitting here crying because i heard a conversation today about this incident in my local hairdressers and they were saying that most of them are corrupt this simply is not true most of theses cllr’s put there heart and soul into it .cllr Anderson on behalf of the rest of the cllr’s in Thurrock council make this woman resign by her being relinquish from the planning committee that shows she is guilty what standards are you teaching our children of Thurrock. You are teaching them if they do illegal things its acceptable this simply shouldn’t be tolerated i am a true Christian person i know myself you know in your heart what the right thing to is don’t put your head on the pillow at night and have doubt in yourself have a clear conscience to yourself and god and turn the other cheek to the comments because people are in anger at the moment and will be kinder by tomorrow please god i will say my prayers for this woman who forgot about morals people are easily tempted off the right road but cllr Anderson

  7. Cllr Anderson if you can not find it in your heart to make her resign then Cllr Kent should step in and make her resign for the good of the residents of thurrock

  8. Georgy – Dont bet your life on it…………….. But early indications are he wants education so he can drive Jackie Doyle Prices policies through.

    Never a dull moment with Thurrock Tories.

  9. Jesus H Christ, the hanging committee on this board are back in action, earlier you all wanted to hang them out to dry without an internal investigation, now that the committe has sat and given it’s judgement and the cllr has been removed from the post and will not be able to stand again for the position.

    Yes maybe she should now resign her position on the council once and for all but that is for her concience and the council to put forward not the petty hanging committee on Your Thurrock.

    Obvioulsy there are some sneaky people out there with mini cameras and I would advice all councillors to watch what they do in the future or they too may be caught out on You’ve been framed, or maybe this is just the tip of the ice berg and all the skeletons in TBC’s closet are now going to be revealed via covert filming.

    I don’t think that we will every be party to the information that was contained in the letter from the cllr or the audio evidence from the film but I am sure that this is probably only the start of the dirty tricks brigade that exist at TBC where subterfuge and covert operations will become the norm.

    So much for TBC changing their ways and having all parties sining off the same hymn sheet for the good of the borough, watch this space for more internal party wars between the Tories and Labour.

  10. Lambo nobody asked redsell to go and meet this man, listen she was ou to do me you and every other resident in thurrock. I can’t see by your comments she’s stealing money off you your family me and my family and everybody in thurrock and making the residents of thurrock a laughing stock. If she wasn’t there she wouldn’t have been filmed it was her choice, and still had the audacity to go to the meeting tonight and if that don’t tell you anything about this woman I give up I hope tuesday that she resigns now there no money for her at the council because that’s what she is about.

  11. We need the full fim and the audio. Who was the developer and what planning application was being discussed. When did this meeting take place? This week, last week, last month or last year?

    Has Cllr Redsell voted on this planning application? Only once we have the full facts in front of us can we pass judgement.

    If she is up to no good then resign as a councillor.

  12. The question now needs to be asked
    How much more,we have heard all the ive been silly,I apologize,.
    Stop cllr Redsell need to go now do the correct thing and step down.
    You have been one of those cllrs whom condemn cllrs Hipsey,Cheale,Harrison & St Claire but you my Dear are far, far worse you have taken the trust of people & used for your self.I wonder if your Tory friends will stand by you now.will Cllr Maney stand by you. I think the answer will be no. They will hang you out to dry.

  13. cllr Redsell must now go she can only hurt Jackie Doyle Price and cllr Anderson
    and the torys she is corrupt lets have it rigth cllr Anderson made her go but he let her vote to get in this did not work out .Now the only way out is to get rid of her and feed her to the public and anybody who wants to have a go at her Joy just go nobody is going to come to your aid thats just the way it is they are going to put it at your door i think it took guts to walk in there but where was the help you could have done with all rats but it is a rats game let them get on with it you are better out of it

  14. One thing that has been gnawing away at me since this story first broke is when did the offence take place and why was it left until the eve of the Council meeting to select the leader.

    Something just does not sit right with this whole affair, yes Cllr Redsell was in the wrong for what she did and has paid the price for this, I am pretty sure that this is not the first time, or indeed will be the last time, that a Cllr holds meetings behind closed doors, but to release the DVD when they did just smacks of dirty politics, or a total smear campaign of a Cllr both of which are underhanded tactics and if it was from an opposition member then they to should be shown the door.

    We all know the party polotics is full of spin and cheap shots across the bow of the opposition but this juts drags it down to a new depth and i seriously hope that if any member of TBC was responsible for the covert operations and did not report it at the time that they are hung out to dry.

  15. Lambo are you sure????? you want TBC members to be wary of covert operations!!! Are they all up to no good then? why on earth should they have to watch their backs if they have nothing to hide. You are obviously amonst the ” poor Ryan Giggs ” brigade, he too wouldn’t be in the position he is in had he been blameless… remember people in glass houses etc…. this person was up to no good, end of…. but you appear to be saying that its ok to carry out dishonest acts as long as nobody sees and as long as you don’t get caught with your fingers in the till its fine, don’t pontificate about hanging committees then state meetings have been held behind closed doors previously in private, thats probably when brown envelope bungs were passed but thats ok nobody saw, free dinners great, holidays why not, name your price and I Mr Developer will see you ok, as long as its not discovered then its business as usual. You say its not fair when you are being spied on.
    (LOL) I was taught you do sometime wrong and its discovered you take the consequences, unless you are a TBC member that is, then according to your comments its a witch hunt and smear campaign… oh dear, the lady doth protest every so slightly too much!!

  16. Polly1, where have I said in my posting that agree with holding meetings behind closed doors, I am not naive enough to think that this does not happen and all councillors are squeeky clean and they all do things by the book, I live in the real world where business deals are done in the clubs and on the golf course, we all know it happens….and if you think otherwise then you may be slightly blinkered, at no point have I said that this is OK, if there are rules to be followed than that is how it should be done; however, this often never happens like that.

    I never said that it was unfair to be spied upon what I would like answering is when did this meeting take place and if it was a while ago why was it held until the day before the leadership meeting and then bought to the public domain? if this is what happened then yes it would be seen as a smear campaign regardless of which individual it showed, it is the timing of the reveleation that is the bit I can’t fathom out unless it was meant to swing the votes a certain way.

    We all know that a lot of politicians, be they local or national level, are not whiter than white and will do what they can to further their political career at the costs of their local electorate.

    Politics is and always will be a game where there are winners and losers and within that group there will always be those who manipulate the game to their advantage.

  17. So Lambo its alright to be caught out and found dishonest and corrupt and no longer able to sit on the planning committee of TBC and then the same person can be considered alright to maintain there position on the council and maybe sit in other committees where they are not going to be dishonest and corrupt.
    It speaks for its self Lambo your either dishonest and corrupt or you’re not.
    This woman has proved this time and time again when this came out last Thursday did she come clean? Did Phil Anderson come clean? Or did he purely hang on to this dishonest and corrupt individual for her corrupt and dishonest vote. There can only be one outcome she must resign or it makes a mockery of her Tory colleagues, this proves to me as until yet she has got no consideration for her fellow Tory’s feelings or the way they are perceived by the residents of Thurrock. so let’s add to her list dishonest, corrupt and willing to let her fellow Tory’s all be tarred the same I think this speaks reams of how she really is and you don’t need me to tell you just look at her actions and wonder yourself what on earth is going on


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