Former mayor Redsell quits planning committee

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Statement concerning allegations against Cllr J Redsell.

From the leader of the Thurrock Conservative Group, cllr Phil Anderson

“On Thursday an anonymous package was delivered to Thurrock Council addressed to myself, containing a letter making allegations against Cllr Joy Redsell and a disc with a short video clip. The video shows Cllr Redsell in conversation with a man, with a map visible on the table in front of them. After viewing them, the letter and disc were passed on the Council’s legal department.

I have now completed an internal inquiry, and Cllr Redsell has provided a full written account of the circumstances of the meeting shown on the video clip. This includes details of the individuals involved and the precise nature of the discussions which took place.

I have sought advice from the Council’s Monitoring Officer regarding Cllr Redsell’s actions. This morning I have been advised that in the circumstances as described, the meeting should have been reported to the Planning Officer or Monitoring Officer under the Council’s Planning Code of Good Practise. This was not done.

Public confidence in the Planning Committee is essential to the reputation of Thurrock Council going forwards. For this reason, Cllr Redsell will not be putting her name forwards as a member of the Planning Committee for the 2011/12 municipal year.

Cllr Redsell apologises unreservedly that she did not report the meeting in line with good planning practise. I am personally committed to leading a group which maintains the highest standards of conduct in public office. I will continue to defend group members robustly against unproven allegations, but will not shy away from taking action after thorough investigation where it proves necessary.

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