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Redsell scandal: “Harassment and political troublemaking” claims Tory leader

IT IS clear that there are many people upset at the circumstances surrounding the decision by councillor Joy Redsell to step down from the planning committee at Thurrock Council.

There remain a number of unanswered questions. One such question is: How many other planning applications were discussed in this manner? If there were others, then will they need to come back to some form of appeal?

After last nights council meeting, YT spoke to Conservative leader, Phil Anderson about cllr Redsell’s decision. Cllr Anderson used the term “political troublemaking” several times.

In his speech in the chamber he made reference to “ethical governance” in the council. It will be interesting to see how that pans out in the coming months.


  1. I have now watched this interview a couple of times and Phil is playing the politician game with us the electorate. There are few bits of his interview that i would have expected the interviewer to press him on.

    He indicates that who ever put the tape on you tube has sat on it- this indicates that he knows exactly when it was filmed. So tell us Phil when was it? last week? last month or last year?

    He mentions another incident – simple dont air your family business in public.

    He says that joy Redsell had made an error of judgemetn – dont patronise us Phil, she knew exactly what she was doing, who she was meeting and whey she was meeting them.

    If he doesnt want this happening again like he indicates it has happened to them before he needs to tell his councillors not to meet men/women in hotels when they know they shouldnt.

    Once he decided to take the tape and letter seriously – itnterview says two days ago he was still thinking it was not – he carried out a full investigation and had a full and frank meeting with Joy Redsell. Which brings us back to the begining>

    When did the meeting take place?
    Who was the man in the video?
    Has the application gone to planning?
    HAs this developer had other planning applications approved with JR on the planning committee?
    If yes how many?

    He indicates there is a smear campaign against Joy Redsell it is clearly not, its just the timing has not suited him or the Thurrock Tories.

    These questions are not going away and as a council tax payer and paying towards Joy Redsells allowance i and every Thrurock resident are entitlled to know!

    Lastly the leaking of this video did nothing to change the way decisions went in the chamber – Anne Cheale was never going to support you as leader after the insults you laid at her door. Glad to see you and every Tory apart from Tunde showed your true colours, not one of you showed her the respect she deserved for leading the Thurrock Tories for many years, you all have short memories about why she left. Same old Thurrock Tories.

  2. Well Phil they say a week is a long time in politics. You have just had one hell of a week wkth the Thurrock Tories….. Happy days.

  3. Sting it was sat on until a certain no body became some body in Fobbing (Not that he will achieve anything let me tell you)… that made a space then on planning ………….Also, Ann and the Hipsey’s have been much spoken about in bad terms, but only when a person walks away from rife back stabbing and black mailing and from a party they love at a general level..

  4. Some valid and salient points there Sting, I woudl also like to know when the DVD was taken and why it was left until the day before the leadership election before it was aired, I would also like to know who took the Video and if this was a member of any particular party, also if this was taken a while ago why was this not put to the standards committee sooner?

    Whilst I agree that the Cllr shown in the footage has made a serious mistake and should be taken to task over this the whole episode just smacks of dirty politics, yes I may be a conspiricy theorists but nothing so far has shifted my opinion on the whole affair.

    As I have said before, deals will continue to be done behind closed door by Cllr’s and this will never change no mater what their party politics are, corruption exists in all walks of life and certainly within the halls of politics

  5. When the full information comes out about this meeting and the mysterious developer it will be simple to put an end to the whole episode. Guilty she goes, innocent she stays.

    This standard must be upheld whoever the councillor is and whatever party they are alligned to.

    Lambo you are right we can never stop it but we can make sure they get no second chances and dont receive another penny of our council tax money.

    Thurrock tories think by saying its dirty ricks will make it less serious, well they are very much mistaken.

  6. Sting… Maybe you should look at your own party

    I have plenty of evidence to suggest certain current Labour members received “incentives” unfortunately, those “incentive providers” are not prepared to make it formal.

    The video shows nothing but a female sitting with a male and, a map… They could have been discussing the route of the London Marathon for all we know. I am in no way sticking up for Cllr Redesell but, you have to look at it for what it is, not what you want it to be.

  7. Do us all a favour cllr Anderson and go back to where you came from and stop making up excuses to save your already doomed leadership.

  8. Councillor anderson don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story, fact let’s stick to facts. Nobody but joy redsell put herself in this position , instead of trying to blame everybody else because that’s what your trying to do. Your corrupt councillor brought this situation about what you should be doing instead of blaming everybody else is making an example of joy redsell. This is quiet easily to do , she has told you the name of the property developer and he’s company, match it against the planning applications past present and current and then prove to everybody it was just a casual meeting outside of the borough with officers not present. I challenge you to do so or shut up going on about poor old Joy because you’re constant moans are backed up by simply nothing but double talk In conclusion put up or shut up you’ve only bin the leader for a few weeks and I’m already fed up with you

  9. Cllr Anderson you said the tape was dated the 31st April 2011 surely if this was a smear campaign that implies somebody set joy up only joy set herself up the only campaign I can see here is you keeping her on and smearing yourself having to keep on defending and making excuses  for her and lets have it right this pest  because that’s what she is to the Tory party and the more you try to take the moral high ground the more you shrink in the public’s eye who on earth is giving you advice you want to keep way from them because you losing last nights leadership battle at Thurrock council is a prime example.

    The longer you keep joy Redsell hanging about instead of hanging her out to dry your leaving yourself and your party out to be ridiculed as for political dirty tricks I just don’t know how you came to it, if joy was dragged over there at gun point I could understand your comments, but she went there under her own steam to earn money full stop. I suppose as usual it was the old chestnut again sorry dear I was being a bit Nineveh  the truth of the matter the only person she thinks is Nineveh is you I would say your gullible. After you really realize what a cunning manipulative and disingenuous person she is then perhaps you will come to your senses don’t take my word for it have a dig around and ask some people  who have lived here for a lot longer than you the most you could of known her for is about a year iv lived here all my life I’ve met her I know people who know her and I defy you to find anybody who likes or trusts her that speaks volumes but I guess you just going to have to find out the hard way, but if you have any sense take my advice ask about. And as for her performance when she’s under pressure the poor little old girl who gets mixed up about things she was pulling that toffee 20 years ago just ask about her but she’s already made you look a proper div but let’s have it right that isn’t hard is it. Do your self a favor next time you go up in your plane take joy with you on a one way trip. Trust me that’s good advice and far better than the advice you’ve been given up until yet

  10. Alb you told me i had to put that on i suppose ill have to put my own one on now

  11. Phil you look ill, but I mean ill with an e slippery not jellied just stewed. I heard Phil was coming out of the council offices the other day an he asked somebody to lend him 10p to make a phone call to a friend I give him 20p and told him to phone them all. I wonder what kind of plane it is that Phil flies lets have it right it don’t need an engine must be made of bolster wood because Phil has too look at the wind sock before he leaves his house. Its got about as much weight as an empty bag of crisp, sorry Phil I really mean it but you have got a target on your back and a balls eye is called joy Redsell the longer you keep her there Phil the more people will laugh and joke about it because by keeping her there you are a joke or iv got to assume you have a weird sense of humour lets have it right you look like you have a sense of humour i am glad you have a plane because if you had a hang glider you could probably top up as a councillor in Hawaii which i bet you wish joy was there instead of here what’s going on with that bit of hair underneath your chin? what you just gave up smoking but taken up chewing tobacco or is it . you’ve got my goat I mean vote do me a favour has it been extra sunny over at Thurrock or have you got a sun bed bet its one tube in it I like my phi’s sunny side up by the way you don’t look to much of a meat eater I hope your keeping to up with the vitamin b your going to need it Phil what can you expect? But jokes because you are joking by keeping joy Redsell on and she is laughing all the way to the bank at your political expense. I’m only putting down what most people think but don’t tell you because you’re so hard to find if you get my drift. Well enough’s enough don’t go out in no strong winds and keep away from hurricane joy. Watch it when you’re walking down the road when 40ft lorry goes past you, you could always take your chocks with you Make sure you don’t get hit off the wind by any close punches. The way you was shaking off that video on your Thurrock last week you could do a double act with Garry Hague but make sure you’ve both got crash helmets’ on I mean remember health and safety Phil we wouldn’t want a bad accident at Thurrock’s tax payers expense but what do you care about that ? By keeping joy there. Remember what they say Phil fatty and skinny went to bed Joy blew off and Phil was dead. I could go on but what’s the point Phil I could keep on making fun of you but it’s a one woman job but joys already got it. Have a nice day and I hope for your sake it isn’t windy. If you’re planning on hanging around I’ve got a pair of deep sea diving boots if you want to buy them but your have to come over to the hotel in Brentwood to pick them up but it will take you two weeks to walk back to Thurrock in them but you could always bring an officer with you to help you get back a bit quicker they’re regulation boots and they can form to all the planning requirements. if not you can have a site visit first and have a look at them bring Andy Millard with you , he knows all about planning and how to get you’re feet in them but I don’t need to tell you that you obviously know how to get down with that bit of hair underneath your chin. I heard you’ve got a donor card but its only good for toy town what’s that you in that film Phil Honey i shrunk everybody, if you have got any trouble parking your plane i heard joy can sort it out for you hope you take you’re check book with you I mean planning application but what would be the point of just meeting a planning developer just to have a casual talk after all time is money and joys got plenty of that. You know the old joke Phil is he still knocking about with that old bag. Is it father Christmas or Joy Redsell but i don’t think father Christmas stops off in Gibraltar

  12. Truth not lies. Keep up with the story.

    Joy and Phil have already come out and admitted she was meeting with a developer – hence her not sitting on planning this year.
    But they just havent filled in the gaps…………. who, when, why etc…..

    If you have evidence on any councillor you should be using it, as i have said all councillor should be held accoutable for their actions what ever party they are alligned to. Not just hearsay because that is not evidence.If you have it use it, if not dont threaten……..

  13. Sting, yep you are correct, we stil do not know who it was, when it was etc, and as I have posted previously we need these answers, especially the WHEN, and why it was left until this juncture to publish the video, I still feel that this was left until just before the election of the new leader for the sole purpose of swaying opinions.

    Whay was this not reported at the time? who was the cameraman? were they acting alone? was this an inside job?

    As I have said what happened was against all policies and Cllr Redsell should have any charges laid down by the Council, for this type of breach of policy, against her if that means ejecting her from the chambers then so be it; however, all Cllrs need to take a look around themselves and ensure their own houses are clean, lets not forget the problems of earlier in the year when three Cllrs had to step down following the WineGate incident

  14. Time for this matter to go to Standards and Scrutiny. There are number of issues not just about the Councillor in question but other possible incidents with other members of Planning reported not just on Your Thurrock. Also as Sting / LAMBO have reported to clear up the timing of the DVD delivery review needed. I believe it is in the interests of all to get a full report now and start afresh – if you can in politics!

  15. Senior Councillors Slam Planning “Whitewash”- mikes comments on your Thurrock
    THE Thurrock Council Standards Committee was slammed as “nothing but a talking shop” as senior councillors from both sides demanded that “councillors with unstated agendas” should be named and shamed.
    Senior Tory, Councillor Mike Revell believed that all 49 councillors were being tarred with the same brush unless the individual councillors were named as officers explained the complicated process, should someone make an individual complaint against individual councillors, cllr Revell slammed the process as a “Whitewash” and “Red tape over a ticking bomb”.
    My comments;
    Councilor Revell are you hiding because usually you’re the first one spouting your opinion, you your self was furious last year over the Collinsons report that councilors should be named and shamed. You have footage of councillor Redsell and you have not commented once. I am very dubious in relation to this. You know yourself Mike when Cllr Redsell and Maney, had a formal complaint against them both in November 2009 your wife and your self new and didn’t comment on this situation, either you thought is was acceptable to lobby for certain companies, since this is what the formal complaint was about wasn’t it Cllr Revell ?. Nevertheless you considered it was Trivial and in your position being chair of the conservatives association surly you know the woman was meeting people for years so you can make a ethical judgment on other councilors when it suits you, yet you mentioned nothing about the wine gate or the hamper gate. At the present we have joy gate and you have tolerated the whole situation still without comment from such a vocal Councilor. You can’t wear two hats when it suits you. I feel you are a charlatan and deceitful to the residents of Thurrock so I query why you don’t want to upset Cllr Joy Redsell or come out with an opinion. Not like you at all Mike you have more to say that Jeremy Kyle as a rule. I challenge you to come out with a statement like you did against Cllr Haslam, Cllr Cheale, Cllr Hipsey and Cllr Harrison these are the sincere members. That walked away from the conservative group a very contaminated party I believe best thing they could have done Mike or they might have got tarred with the same brush as all of you” your words” hope you don’t mind me calling you mike half way through writing this statement it stuck in my throat to describe you as a councillor

  16. “Cllr Haslam, Cllr Cheale, Cllr Hipsey and Cllr Harrison these are the sincere members”

    Wasn’t Councillor St. Clair-Haslam the one who tried to repeatedly make illegal planning decisions and brought the planning committee to an all time low? And what did Cllr. Hipsey do about Titan Works when he was Leader of the council? Nothing I think you will find.

  17. Looks to me like TURNER has all of a sudden got up you have a grudge against certain Cllrs TURNER you seem to become very spiteful at their names.
    Or may be it’s in the name? I wonder,you really didnt listen to YOUR MP did you …………just get your job done and stop the fighting.

  18. Well turner it’s Machiavellian how the collinsons report was brought out subsequently to this councilor in his interview with the Essex enquirer about the concerns he had inside his party. Why would he try and do illegal things and then highlight himself in the press. Read the article? Furthermore that some months afterwards a smear campaign started??? As well he declared a prejudicial interest one night it embarrassed the whole conservative party because Michael Casey pointed out in he’s article was there something more to this. So turner look at the bigger picture if your brain can manage this as there is more than meets the eye with these Tories. I’m not saying labour are all saints but when four councilors depart from a group surely you have the capability to think something is wrong unless you are part of this group or you are wearing blinkers. You have a councilor on a DVD and yet you seem to be like her barrister. You haven’t got a planning consideration coming up have you? Let’s get this right, Joy Redsell position is un-defender able. Also the prior leader Hipsey must have, had a good income. So if he walked away from that, I think that show he’s got principles there must have been something he disagreed with. The majority would have stayed and kept taking the salary because all they cared about was the money. So I consider this man can’t be that bad.
    Ian Harrison and the former Mayor showed great loyalty to each other. That’s team work, I would rather vote for people that are loyal and have their own intelligence and don’t follow like little lost sheep.


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