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A message of thanks from the new Deputy Mayor: Cllr Yash Gupta

Cllr Yash Gupta was elected the Deputy Mayor of Thurrock at the full annual council meeting on 25th May, 2011. He is the first Asian to achieve this honour in this Borough where the Asian population is less than 3% of the total population.

Cllr Yash Gupta and his wife Pushpa would like to thank every one for their help and support to achieve this honourable position.

Cllr Gupta was elected a Labour Councillor in 1996 again the first Asian to be elected to this Council. Since becoming a Councillor he has been very active inside the Council as well as in the local community.

He chaired various Committees and Scrutiny Panels for improving the local services. Last year he was a Cabinet Member for the Environment.

Cllr Yash Gupta came to Thurrock in 1974 when he got a job of Educational Psychologist with the Essex County Council. In 1977 he was promoted to the position of Senior Educational Psychologist. He worked hard to improve the life chances of children with special educational needs.

He is proud to be the founder member of four local voluntary organisations; Thurrock Mind, Thurrock Open Door, Thurrock Racial Unity Task Group and Thurrock Asian Association. He has been serving as a Trustee on the board of two other voluntary organisations, Thurrock CVS and Thurrock CAB.

He is also a governor of two local schools. He and his wife Pushpa are involved with various community groups, helping to improve community cohesion and community well-being.

Cllr Gupta was awarded MBE by the Queen in 2006 for his services to the local communities in Essex. In 2008 he was awarded Glory of India award by the International Friendship Society for his work to strengthen relationships between India and the U.K. He won a National Award as the Community Champion Councillor of the Year from the Local Government Information Unit in 2010.


  1. Whoa what went wrong here? Has John Kent gone completely mad? We have a man here who has made a big difference in our society with Thurrock Mind, Thurrock Open Door etc etc. He was even awarded an MBE for his services and yet Charlie Curtis seemed to spring from nowhere and take first position on the Mayor platform???? What are Charlie Curtis’es credentials, nothing to wright home about considering he has only been a councillor for a short while. Could somebody please inform me why a Councillor who continually repeats the same words over and over again deserves to represent the people of Thurrock as their Mayor. I think we can look forward to an interesting year with Mayor Curtis.

  2. So what exactly does a Mayor or Deputy Mayor bring to the table, what do they do for the borough apart from coin it in with expences and more costs for mayoral cars etc?

    Why do we require these position in the borough when we have a committee and a council leader???


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