Monday, March 4, 2024

Orsett Hall opens wonderful new Garden Restaurant

THERE HAS been a general agreement that a diner does not raise their expectations when it comes to hotel food. Prepare to cast those prejudices aside when you visit the glorious new restaurant at the Orsett Hall Hotel.

Owners Philip and Alice Barton-Wright hosted two special evenings in the newly refurbished restaurant where a special seven course tasting menu gave diners a glimpse of what to expect when they come to dine in the future.

The first thing that strikes you is the decor. They have gone for a striking boutique effect with bold pastel colours. That can only work if the food matches and it certainly does.

The tasting menu dazzled from the very beginning where a tasty crab bisque set up your palette for further delights. Each dish through the pate, fish and chicken had something to say for itself. There was always something that stood out: not just the texture of the fish or chicken but the subtle use of herbs and sauces.

Looking at the main menu that you can see on the Orsett Hall Hotel website then there are further delights when you visit the restaurant. Delights such as Seared Scallops with Black Pudding, Roast Sea Bass and Calves Liver stand out. They have also been very wise in leaving in options for the more traditional palette. You should also notice the prices which are very reasonable indeed.

They have also made a real effort to source local produce as well.

A special mention should go to the staff who served and catered for everyones need with the minimum of fuss. It must be nerve-wracking for them on a night such as this with the owners, management and clients all in one room. Expectations were high.

At the beginning of the evening, owner Alice Barton-Wright gave a welcoming speech where she explained the thinking and motivation behind the design of the restaurant.

With some lovely summer days ahead and a restaurant that can open its doors to a beautiful garden aspect at Orsett Hall, there is never a better time than to visit the Garden Restaurant.



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