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Year 7 camping trip a real morale booster say Ormiston

Taking a class on a camping trip is a great way to introduce students to the wonders of nature and the beauty of the outdoors. With this in mind, Ormiston Park Academy thought it would stand great stead of boosting morale among their Y7 students, who may still be experiencing teething problems adjusting to Secondary school.

Adjusting to the independence of Secondary school can be a challenging process for many children and OPA have recognised this issue and tackled it hands on, after attending a number of child psychology training sessions. As a result of this, they have invested in a number of projects to ensure that their Year 7 children progress to Year 8 with their feet firmly on the ground and prepared for their years ahead of them.

Once children leave school, their time at home may be filled with games consoles, DVDs and computers, whereas school camping trips like the one they recently attended, can take students away from the confines of their indoor routine and introduce them to new possibilities.

The Challenge expeditions at the camp in Thriftwood (30 minutes from home in Thurrock) encouraged the young people to get out in the fresh air where they tried a number of exciting activities, came face to face with environmental issues- all among their class peers.

The camping trip taught the students how to overcome their fears and believe in their abilities. It wasn’t about being the best at everything; it was about exploring opportunities, taking part and having fun. 

Collette Hunnisett, Deputy Vice Principal said, “The school camping trip taught our young people to look at the world differently. It was a life changing experience for our younger Year 7 pupils and we hope it has boosted their confidence, not just for themselves, but also helping them to work confidently amongst their classmates.”


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