Chafford Tories slam decision to close library

RESIDENTS and ward councillors of Chafford Hundred are appalled by the Labour run council’s refusal to reinstate Chafford Hundred library.

The four Conservative councillors (Simon Wootton, Steven Veryard, Garry Hague and Tunde Ojetola) have issued a statement condemning the action.

The councillors state: “The Council took the first step in closing the library last year by massively reducing the opening hours to 3 half days a week. This was done despite factual evidence which showed that the Chafford Hundred library is the third most used library in Thurrock with over 91,000 visits a year.

“The library is used by students of the four schools in the community, by parents and by community groups such as the nursing mothers who meet there every week.

“Despite cost saving pressures, the Chafford Conservative Councillor team opposed this cut and lobbied for sufficient funding to be made available in the council’s Budget for the library to operate.

“We have had numerous discussions with the Council to ensure that the 14,000 residents of Chafford continue to enjoy the benefit of the library but this seems to have fallen on deaf ears. Instead the Council is providing a 2 hour mobile library in a different location.

“When is Labour going to listen to the electorate and their representatives?

“The library is needed; it is used, and has funding to cover its operation. Councillors voted for it to be open, why then has this not been adhered to?. Blaming the Campus School for the closure is not acceptable.

“This decision does not show a Council that cares or is willing to listen to residents and rate payers.
Here are two suggestions:
Consider using another building e.g. Drake Community Hall for the library within the budget allocation voted for it
Let the mobile library serve the residents for the allocated 3 half days a week.

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