Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Shake up for council bosses as new chief plans to “flatten” management

AFTER eight months at the top of Thurrock Council, chief executive Graham Farrant is planning to reduce the costs of the senior team and flatten the senior management structure.

The council’s cabinet is expected to approve the proposals at its meeting on Wednesday (8 June) evening.

Mr Farrant says he believes this will streamline reporting procedures, speed-up decision-making … and save over £200,000 at the same time, increasing to over £300,000 savings as the structure is fully embedded.

Mr Farrant said: “At the moment we have a complex structure, corporate directors, a director and a wide range of heads of service, I want to simplify that and be more responsive to the needs of residents.

“This is the first stage of creating a new, modern and slim-line Thurrock Council where the key services are directly represented at the top table. Housing, in particular, is key to how our 10,000 and more tenants’ view the council and this structure elevates the service

“It will mean we have a leaner council. There will be two less people in the overall senior management team, with more reporting directly to me. It will not mean more people earning higher salaries, in fact if you have a look at the list of top earners we have to publish annually, that list will be smaller in a year’s time.”

He added: “These plans are not set in stone and I’m sure there will be some tweaks after the consultation period.”

Senior management salaries can be accessed via the council’s website (www.thurrock.gov.uk) and by going to Open Data in the A-to-Z and clicking on Senior Management Salaries.


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