Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Rainforest Roadshow comes to Grays School

Continuing in their aim to bring learning to life, 90 Year 9 students at The Grays Media Arts College took part in a hands-on experience when the Rainforest Roadshow visited the school.

As part of their studies, students investigated the crucial role played by rainforests in the Earth’s ecosystem and how animals survive in the environment. Rather than it being a textbook-only exercise, students were able to get an eye-ball’s view of the animals by handling bugs, snakes and other reptiles.

Mrs Liz Sansam, the Geography Subject Leader who organised the event, said: “The Rainforest Roadshow was a perfect way to help students get more hands on experience with the animals we’ve been studying in terms of their features of adaptation which help them to survive in Tropical Rainforests. 

“The whole experience was extremely rewarding, and helps to engage the students with their learning even more so!  It’s the perfect way of bringing the Rainforest into the classroom!”


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