Sunday, January 29, 2023

Grieving widow “brandishes” offensive weapon in police station

A WIDOW on a drinking binge following the death of her husband brandished an offensive weapon in Grays police station, a court heard.

On the 10th May, this year, Lorraine Ramsay, 42 of Albany Heights, Grays had downed fifteen vodkas and cranberrys in what was described as a “typical binge drinking session” following the death of her husband in January.

She contacted the police to tell them she was going to the cash machine in Grays but was “taking her scissors with her for protection.”

Mrs Ramsay went to Grays police station, where according to the police she took out the pair of scissors in the reception area.

Basildon Magistrates Court heard that Mrs Ramsay had learning difficulties as well as mental health issues all her life. Two years ago, she was in court but was considered as unfit to plead.

Since the death of her husband she had been drinking heavily but had been receiving treatment from local outreach workers at Open Door in Grays.

Chair of Magistrates, Mr Hawkins sentenced Ramsay to a 12-month community order and required her to pay costs of £105 pounds.


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