Wednesday, February 1, 2023

“School Mums Beware” Council CCTV van is watching you!

INCONSIDERATE motorists and even people who fly-tip and litter should beware in Thurrock, following a decision by the council’s cabinet on Wednesday (8 June).

Members agreed to look at various options for a CCTV car in the borough.

Cllr Val Morris-Cook, the cabinet member for environment, said: “We all know about the problems thoughtless drivers cause when they park their vehicles stupidly and this is something other councils have done successfully.

“Previously in my portfolio of environment I know the frustrations local people have had about those who dump rubbish at the side of the road, or simply drop litter from their cars and lorries.

“I also know the difficulties there are in trying to catch these individuals. We all been driving along alone and seen something thrown, but what can you do?

“I will want this vehicle to be out and about helping us to stamp out this awful nuisance which spoils our borough.”

Cabinet agreed to consider a range of options for operating a CCTV car and delegate authority to the Director of Sustainable Communities, in liaison with the Portfolio Holder, to agree which option should be taken forward.

Cllr Morris-Cook added: “This isn’t about saving — or making — money as some would suggest. The primary aim behind this move is to improve things for people here.

“Last year, part of my portfolio included Pride in Thurrock. That theme now runs through everything we do. We want a borough that is well behaved and looking good; somewhere people can be proud of although I must say it is looking tidier today..

“If this CCTV car can stop people being stupid — whether it is dumping rubbish or parking brainlessly to ruin someone’s day — that has to be a good idea.

Cllr Morris-Cook added that Thurrock Council using a CCTV car had been to the cross-party Overview and Scrutiny committee which had endorsed it wholeheartedly and she invited the shadow cabinet member, Cllr James Halden to join her and the corporate director in making the final decision on which option to choose. He accepted.


  1. is this going to be a fleet of CCTV cars or just the one, if it is the latter then I cannot see this being very practical as it will only be able to cover small areaes at a time, also as Cllr Morris-Cook is the cabinet member for environment I do hope that these are electric vehicles or carbon neutral ones.

  2. The idea of the CCTV car was around ages ago, the council have been trialling one since 2009 using one of the fleet from a London Borough council….


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