Thursday, June 13, 2024

Thurrock Drama Fest: Outside Edge: Wins by an innings!

WITH SOME theatre groups it can soon become apparent that they have just met and are entering into the “Let’s do the show right here”. This is not the case with the Globe Theatre Company. The ensemble are a delight to watch as they are tuned to perfection. Indeed their performance is like watching the inner workings of a clock as each member’s movements work in perfect harmony.

This was a wonderful comedy with the cast clearly enjoying themselves and the audience lapped up the humour as well as the on field and off field shenanigans of village cricket team are played out.

Special mention goes to Sue MacPherson whose Maggie was the pivot of the play. The relationship between herself, resplendent in fright perm and tiger skin and mild mannered Kevin played by Chris Millington was very funny but also touching.

We have been very lucky so far at the festival with four excellent performances. Let us hope the rest of the week can continue in the same vein.


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