Mystery man in cllr Redsell film revealed as Orsett property developer (and was once a Scottish Baron!)

THE MYSTERY man at the centre of the secret film which led to the expulsion of cllr Joy Redsell from the Thurrock Council planning committee has been revealed as an Orsett property developer.

Conservative sources have revealed that the man in question is John Isabel from Rectory Road in Orsett. Mr Isabel is part of  the Brentwood-based Clearbrook Group Ltd.

Their offices in Brook House, Brentwood are near to the Marygreen Manor Hotel where cllr Redsell and Mr Isabel were secretly filmed.

Cllr Redsell apologised for not following council code of conduct over the meeting and subsequently did not put her name forward for this years planning committee.

The Clearbrook Group are one of the many organisations that have an interest in the Local Development Framework. The strategy for all future building and regeneration in the borough.

According to Burkes Peerage, Mr Isabel was once the Baron of Greenan. A scottish feudal title linked to a near ruined castle in Ayrshire that was believed to be part of the court of King Arthur’s Camelot.

Since a change in the law in 2000, feudal titles in Scotland can be bought and sold without any tie to the land. Some titles can sell for as much as £1 million but the average price is believed to be £50,000.

The current holder of the title is Hope Cobera, daughter of wealthy Florida businessman, Ronald Reisinger. Mr Reisinger is also Baron of Inneryne as well as King Ronald 1 of Biffeche, an obscure kingdom in Northern Senegal.

YT left a message at the home of Mr Isabel but to this date has not received a reply.

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