Saturday, June 15, 2024

Top Tory welcomes deferred debt review

TORY councillor Rob Gledhill has welcomed cabinets decision to re refer the Councils Fair Debt policy back scrutiny at Wednesdays Cabinet meeting.

Rob said “Every resident who is liable to pay money to the Council should pay it on time and a vast majority do. However for those who don’t the council has to collect monies owed without adding unnecessary cost to residents who can’t pay or just pay a little late. It should also be geared up to take action against that small percentage of residents who will not pay and put extra strain on Council resources. Unfortunately the proposed policy didn’t meet those criteria and would have left the Council at risk of compensation claims and residents at unnescessary risk of extra costs.”

At the meeting the policy was withdrawn after it was made clear that senior officers from Vertex, the council and councillors across all parties agreed it did not meet the standard expected.

Cllr Gledhill added “I will be ensuring this is dealt with at the earliest opportunity and that the outcome is a policy that is fair, offers as many opportunities to pay and supports the Council when it has to take recovery action.”


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