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Motorcycle cops clamp down in Davy Down

On Sunday, June 19, 2011 Essex Police motorcyclists combined with Kent off-road motorcyclists and Thurrock officers to tackle an ongoing off-road motorcycle nuisance in Daveydown, South Ockendon.

Operation Obligatesaw the Kent off-road team patrolling the Nature Reserve which has been subject of many complaints from local walkers and cyclists. Within minutes a large quad bike had been stopped and seized as the vehicle was found to be stolen. A futher three motorcyclists were stopped. One motorcycle was seized and the other two riders were given Section 59 anti-social riding warnings meaning that if caught again their motorcycle will be seized.

Sergeant Mick Green, who organised the operation, said “This operation has been a fantastic success. We have received comments and thanks from people using the Nature Reserve who are sick of the danger caused by a few inconsiderate off-road motorcyclists. The public needs to be aware that it is an offence to ride a motorcycle in a public place without insurance and they run the risk of having the vehicle seized. Our thanks go to the Kent motorcyclists for their assistance”.

It is hoped that the operation will be repeated in other areas of the county.


  1. Hopefully they will go over to Blackshots and catch the prats who ride arount on the motobikes and the quadbike.


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