Thursday, June 13, 2024

Metal thief makes amends in the community

A 17-year-old-man who admitted stealing drain covers in Thurrock has been out in the borough collecting rubbish to payback the community for his actions.

The teenager (pictured litter picking in Salisbury Road, Grays) has been working with Thurrock’s Youth Offending Service to ensure that this crime will be his last.

As a first time offender the young man has been offered a place on the Triage scheme which offers an individual intervention plan to help prevent further offending and includes reparation as a form of punishment to help deter from further offending by showing young people what they may be subjected to if they commit a further offence.

In this case he volunteered to clear litter in Thurrock as part of his efforts to avoid further trouble.

Colin Keeble, Youth Offending Service said: “The Triage Scheme is an excellent tool that allows first time offenders the opportunity to have their offence resolved by the Police without them being criminalised. We take a restorative approach and look to have young people face up to their actions through direct contact with their victim and/or direct reparation. The scheme is voluntary but does include reparation, so that the young person can see what criminal punishment is like, but more so that they are seen to be accountable for their actions”

Thurrock Council’s Portfolio Holder covering crime and disorder, Councillor Lynn Worrall said: “Residents of Thurrock want to see that crime is being punished but they also want to see young people given a future. This scheme offers first-time young offenders the chance to say sorry and pay back the community for their actions as well as receiving the support and education they need to ensure they stay on the straight and narrow.”


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