Monday, January 30, 2023

“Nimbys” win day over plans for care home in Grays

PROPOSALS FOR a care home in Grays for people with learning difficulties was rejected last night amidst controversial scenes at Thurrock Council.

The proposal presented by Mrs Dorothy Bello who manages the Divine Lodge Care Home in Chafford Hundred was for supported living accommodation at 116 Cromwell Road, Grays for three people with learning difficulties.

The application was criticised by local councillor and deputy mayor Yash Gupta. Cllr Gupta said: “My fellow ward members and I have supported many applications for care homes in the past but we feel that this is not an appropriate place for a care home of this description.”

Mrs Bello raised concerns that a campaign of “dis-information had been waged in the street. Mrs Bello said: “Many residents had been told that young offenders would be moving into the area.

“We had a coffee morning at the property and once people knew the truth, they were much happier.”

Council officers confirmed that there would be parking provision at the back of the property.

Cllr Barry Palmer opined that if this property was detached then it may have some merit whilst cllr Steven Veryard felt more information should have been provided by the Adult Social Care Dept.

The committee agreed to reject the proposal but then deferred the formation of an alternative proposal which appeared to anger cllr Gupta.

Further reaction to follow.


  1. I think your tweet extract sums it up “Grays res objecting to app for care home learn difficulties…concerned re property value……”

  2. Maybe the worry over property values were the issue,maybe having a bit more info would have alleviated some local residents fears but I doubt it,sad that society stills views people with learning disabilities as not deserving of the same rights as everyone else.They should be able to live where they want to like the rest of us..I hope the residents who opposed it are pleased with themselves,they should be ashamed.

  3. Cupcake, why should the residents be ashamed? It seems to me that it wasn’t just the residents that were concerned, the council were too. I think the residents have every right to query and object to a care home being plopped into a residential row of houses, it would definitely lower their house prices for one thing and, again, they have every right to protect their assets. Also, you have no idea on how disruptive, or otherwise, the educationally challenged may be, they could be extremely disruptive or not at all but it is up to the care home to make the case clearly and not for the residents’ to blithely accept it without registering their concerns.

  4. As the applicant manages a care home in Chafford Hundred, was there no where available in that area or was it a case of there would have been even more objections from CH residents?????? just a thought!!!

  5. Having over 20 years experience of working with people with LD I feel I fully understand the issues and am qualified to comment.Saying that a group of society who are vulnerable are less important than price of your house is in my opinion shameful,with the right support people with LD can live rewarding,fulfilled lives and they should be enabled by society to do so in normal houses in normal streets with the rest of us,the days of keeping them segregated from the rest of society are long gone and thats how it should be.


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