Sunday, June 23, 2024

Stephen Metcalfe: “Not mourning death of News of the World”

THERE WAS no doubt that sales of the News of the World, throughout the borough and all over the country, went through the roof.

By chance, we were down in East Tilbury filming South Basildon and East Thurrock MP Stephen Metcalfe opening the new car park at Linford Methodist Church.

The church is a few hundred yards from where the murdered schoolgirl, Danielle Jones once lived. The murder of Danielle is set to be re-examined by the police in the light of the phone-hacking allegations against the now defunct News of the World.

On the day of its final publication, we asked Mr Metcalfe, if he mourned its passing?


  1. Whilst what the NOTW did was abhorrent and they deserver everything that is coming to them, does anyone actually believe that they were the only Tabloid to employ these tactics, look back at the Mirror when Morgan was in charge, they even made up stories to sell the papers.

    Lets hope that justice is done and all those police officers that were on the payrole are named and shamed and then sent to jail.

    Murdoch is becoming too big in the media world and needs to be put back in place….

  2. I doubt the NOTW are the only one to sink to this all time low,in time I guess we ll get to find out who else has behaved in the same way.What worries me is if criminals who are currently serving sentances either appeal or have them overturned on the grounds of thier convictions being deemed ‘unsafe’ because mindless people were tampering with peoples phones,can you imagine if that were to happen,it doesnt bear thinking about!


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