Thursday, June 20, 2024

Thameside beats to sound of bhangra

By Anila Dhami

LOCALS were graced by the bhangra beats of H Dhami and other acts at the Thameside Theatre in Grays. On Saturday, Thameside Theatre held a ‘Masti Masti Mela’ in which singers H Dhami, Romy Shay and Hardee performed their latest tracks. The evening also saw Jugnu Bhangra Group performing a traditional, lively bhangra dance sequence and celebrating their 40th Anniversary.

Locals were united by music, dance and an air of excitement as some of the biggest stars in bhangra dance and music took to the stage in their town. Organiser and local business woman, Meena Mitra has a passion for music and dance and believes that big stars should be available to local communities as it helps unite the community. She believes that ‘music brings people together.’

This show certainly brought people together! Audience participation was at its greatest during this event. Jugnu Bhangra Group invited people on stage to learn some bhangra moves which were a warm up for when Romy Shay invited the audience to dance on the stage alongside him. H Dhami then invited everyone on stage to dance to his music and formulated a train, also known as a ‘rail gaddi’ around the Thameside Theatre. During the break, there were refreshments and a DJ to keep the vibe alive.

This event was supported by the Thurrock Council and Essex Cultural Diversity Project where tickets were free of charge. The event brought together groups of all ages in a vibrant and exciting show. I hope to see more local community events like this in the future!


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