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Who will run carers’ service?

TENDERS are to be invited to run Thurrock Council’s carers’ services — currently headquartered in the Carers’ Centre in Cromwell Road, Grays.

Members of the council’s cabinet agreed on Wednesday (6 July) that the process should start.

Cllr Tony Fish, portfolio holder for adult social care, told the meeting: “Carers are a vital part of what adult social care does and their efforts support the work of staff — we couldn’t manage without them.

“This is positive news and builds on the decision we made in December, giving people certainty about the service’s future.

“It will help us enhance our advice, information and support services to carers and to reach many more of them.

“Key themes in adult social care are partnership working and involving service users and these themes are at the heart of this proposal.”

Speaking afterwards, Cllr Fish added: “Service users know best and I really want to see them fully involved at every stage; I want them to help shape Thurrock’s future carers’ provision.”


  1. With the recent news on carers services being cut and the mismanagement of properties and lack of care in homes lets hope that TBC select the right partner for these much needed services

  2. Emotive issue at present with Southern Cross closures and undercover exposure – combined with Council Cuts and the dawning realisation that the Country is not prepared for the wave of elderly Britons topic needs careful planning and selection and open to fall scrutiny.

  3. Just a thought – when the Tories proposed to tender out the leisure services and village halls so a charitable trust or private sector partner would run them instead of the council this is privatisation and Labour hop up and down castigating those wicked tories for privatising council services assets…

    …yet here we have Labour tendering out care services to the private sector?

    Are Labour politicians in Thurrock hypocrites?


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