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Conservatives put the record straight over “nearly-bankrupting” disabled transport service

Thurrock Conservatives have expressed their disappointment over what they describe as Labour attempts to misrepresent budget proposals to improve the efficiency of local transport services.

Conservative leader Cllr Phil Anderson said: “I was surprised to read this week that the Trans-Vol service had to be ‘saved’ from £50K of so-called cuts.

“The actual budget proposals were for better co-ordination of transport across the borough. At present, we frequently have subsidised buses running nearly empty at taxpayers’ expense in areas which are also served by Trans-Vol.

“This cannot be right, and sorting it out could well lead to an increased role for Trans-Vol, not a reduction. The idea to investigate this came from the Transport Overview and Scrutiny committee, and at the time enjoyed cross-party support.

We saw a similar situation over Grays beach, where scaremongering about a sensible proposal led to a lot of unnecessary public concern. I’m very disappointed that yet again, Labour seem more interested in spin and smear than in pursuing creative solutions to our local transport needs.”


  1. Thurrock Labour Party using spin and misrepresentation,. never!!! surely that can’t be correct!!!

    Oh well it looks like they are following in the footsteps of it’s parties leaders, don’t you just love politics???

  2. I know this has nothing to do with this story, but I have just read tomorrow night’s full council agenda and found this motion from Cllr Anderson (idiot)

    Cllr Anderson

    For the brave men and women that fought in the first and second world war of which a considerable amount of brave soldiers died for the privilege of dense people like you. In support of the people to have their fair say within or out of the press to express whichever opinion they so wish to. Consequently if you want these human rights taken away and dissolved I think this show the intelligence. A person like yourself has and how unpatriotic you are especially because it is all to cover up incidents within your political group. It sickens me to think you think we are as unintelligent has yourself; you manipulate the press in elections for your group similar to the labor group. You all invite the press in for interviews but when the spot light is shining to long you want to suppress them. Disgrace on you!!! This great country is built on free speech, please read the report from the BBC news below you are just as bad COUNCILLOR ANDERSON and any other Councilor that supports this motion.

    Police said a 21-year-old Sussex man was arrested on suspicion of violent disorder and attempted criminal damage.
    He was accused of trying to damage the Union flag on London’s Cenotaph.
    Mr Gilmour, a Cambridge University student, apologised on Friday for his actions, saying he was “mortified by his moment of idiocy”.
    The rock stars’s adopted son became the 35th person to be held following the violence on Thursday.
    Photos of him swinging from a flag appeared on the front pages of many newspapers after the demonstrations.
    Mr Gilmour said in a statement: “I would like to express my deepest apologies for the terrible insult to the thousands of people who died bravely for our country that my actions represented

    Motion in full council 20th July 2011being put forward

    Motion 3
    Submitted by Councillor Anderson
    “That this council should work with the local media to agree a media code of
    conduct for Thurrock
    Monitoring Officer Comments:
    There are no specific legal implications for this motion at this stage.
    Section 151 Officer Comments:
    There are no specific financial implications for this motion at this stage.
    Is the above motion within the remit of Council to approve?

  3. cllr Anderson has a cheek to lecture labour on budget propsals when the former tory adminstration turned a blindeye to their friends not having to pay substantial vehcile rates for number recent years gone by when they were in control of the council i understand that this could amount to millions not thousands of unpaid taxes and yet nobody even considers it worth investergating prehaps in gaging the local press he is hopeing to cover all bases in preventing this scandalous story getting out

  4. Albert, your posts are usually rambling and incoherent and often posted against stories with which they bear no relation. What point is it that you re trying to make?
    I am guessing that you think Cllr Anderson is wrong to try to agree a code of conduct with the local media? If that is your point then I would guess that you also agree that it is wrong for the MP’s in Westminster to agree a code of conduct for the national press and in particular News International? What your point is about war heroes and the cenotaph incident is a mystery to me.


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