Conservatives put the record straight over “nearly-bankrupting” disabled transport service

Thurrock Conservatives have expressed their disappointment over what they describe as Labour attempts to misrepresent budget proposals to improve the efficiency of local transport services.

Conservative leader Cllr Phil Anderson said: “I was surprised to read this week that the Trans-Vol service had to be ‘saved’ from £50K of so-called cuts.

“The actual budget proposals were for better co-ordination of transport across the borough. At present, we frequently have subsidised buses running nearly empty at taxpayers’ expense in areas which are also served by Trans-Vol.

“This cannot be right, and sorting it out could well lead to an increased role for Trans-Vol, not a reduction. The idea to investigate this came from the Transport Overview and Scrutiny committee, and at the time enjoyed cross-party support.

We saw a similar situation over Grays beach, where scaremongering about a sensible proposal led to a lot of unnecessary public concern. I’m very disappointed that yet again, Labour seem more interested in spin and smear than in pursuing creative solutions to our local transport needs.”

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