Friday, February 3, 2023

Councillors and residents monitor lorry movements in South Ockendon

SOME SAY progress, some say at what cost? Increased lorry movements in and out of South Ockendon have become a real matter of concern for the residents of South Ockendon.

Councillors and residents spent a day at various check-points monitoring lorry movements.

YT spoke to cllr Amanda Arnold about their work and what happens to the information compiled.


  1. This is all well and good but where will the excess of lorries be pushed onto, Thurrock was built on the back of Gravel excavations and HGV’s have always been part an parcel of the area, ok back in the days there may not have been so many HGV’s, will TBC be looking at putting up a relief road for the vehicles to steer them away from the area.

    We all know what has happened with the Devonshire Road fiasco, putting a weight restriction on this road has forced HGV’s down London Road which also has older houses which will be being affected by this traffic, is this another case of the NIMBY’s

  2. One question, why didn’t you tackle this when you were Deputy Leader of Thurrock Council? Now you are in opposition this is suddenly a big issue that needs solving?

  3. What were the results for Stifford Road in the Belhus ward, I understand that noise levels were also carried out on the day of the survey were 71 decibels along Stifford Road, I feel it is time that the council tenents who live along Stifford Road near to Howard Tenens yard should have there homes Triple glazed to shut out the high noise levels, we also have to contend with noise from the, M25-Essex Arena-and lorries 24/7 passing our homes along Stifford Road. going to and from Howard Tenens Yard, the local press have quoted cllrs.W.Curtis & Cllr.S.Gray as saying that the people living alongside the M25 have got no quality of life because of the noise from the M25, in one sense they are bloody lucky, to have only one source of noise to contend with try living with four sources of continuous noise 24/7, we have no support what ever from our three Councillors, they refuse to help us, perhaps they dont know where this part of Belhus ward is, well perhaps the local press might be interested, that we who live along the Stifford Road,HAVE NO QUALITY OF LIFE either.

  4. To answer Dave Peterson of Tilbury, please get your facts correct Amanda Arnold has done more for the, residents along Stifford Road South Ockendon, than any other councillor, that includes the sorry bunch of so called councillors who are supposed to represent the people of the Belhus ward, I just goes to show the people that you can pretend to represent all the people, when you are not, we have had a on going problem with lorries on a 24/7 basis along Stifford Road, our Air is polluted , and we suffer from noise pollution we has a recording of 71 decibels, if you worked for a private company you would get ear defenders, from our houses we can hear the, M25-the Essex Arena plus lorries 24/7, so dont have ago at the one person who as really thought for the people along Stifford Road, because our so call, Labour Councillors who were voted in to help us, have never lifted a finger to help us, I suppose if the press was going to turn up, good old Charlie Curtis would be here, with his lavatory chain around his neck,


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