Council lends support over sex trafficking campaign during Olympics

THURROCK Council has pledged to help fight any sign of sex trafficking in the build up to the Olympics in 2012.

The pledge came as Sheila Coates MBE from South Essex Rape and Incest Crisis Centre (Sericc) delivered a report to the Safer, Greener Committee.

Ms Coates told the committtee that they had been working with a number of agencies in London regarding fears of a sustained increase in trafficking in the London area.

Ms Coates said: “One of the key concerns is that with the Olympics only twelve miles away, sex trafficking organisations could spread or use Thurrock as a base.”

The committee chaired by cllr James Halden pledged to support any action, working with a number of groups to combat the threat.

Homesteads councillor, Pauline Tolson said: “I think that in my ward a lot of people know each other and so we should be able to spot a sex trafficker.”

YT interviewed Ms Coates after the meeting to assess what happens next.

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