Lorry park inquiry ends: decision expected next month

BOTH SIDES at the public inquiry into the enforcement notice in respect of the Titan Works lorry park fired their final broadsides on the final day of the inquiry.

Summing up first, council barrister, Paul Shadarevian slammed ICG for “playing with jobs..and livelihoods.”

He made reference to the delays over submitting a planning application and found it “disreputable” that they tried to “blame planners.”

Mr Shadarevian went on to describe them as “opportunistic and cynical”

He referred to earlier submissions where the objective of the new plans for the borough, whether the Development Corporations or the Councils was to take the “ad hoc, inchoate” nature of planning and give it structure as part of “urban renaissance”.

On behalf of ICG Ltd, Mr Lowe made a number of points.

He reiterated that Thurrock Council had “encouraged this development since 1998.” He also countered the argument that the land is exclusively needed for jobs by pointing to the nearby Fiddlers Reach housing development where employment land had been turned into houses.

He added: “This lorry park is not expressing any identifiable harm. The Environment Agency, English Nature and the Health and Safety Executive have not objected.

“There is a gulf between the overblown language of the Development Corporation re iconic aspirations and the reality of heavy, dirty industry.”

Mr Pete Drew closed the inquiry and informed all concerned that a decision should be reached in August.

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