Saturday, July 13, 2024

Family of Dolphins seen off Grays shoreline

IT IS A RARE sight indeed to see dolphins in the River Thames. The odd one is seen near Rainham Marshes and they can be spotted off Canvey and Southend.

So, you can imagine the surprise and excitement when Chafford-based ornothologist David Darrell-Lambert spotted a whole family near Grays early this morning.

David said: “I was walking on the Wharf area of Grays. It was a calm and still morning. I looked across the bay and saw a family, two adults, two children, swimming together.

“It is a very narrow part of the Thames estuary. It is an amazing site as they swam out to the North Sea.

“It was certainly worth getting up in the morning!”


  1. I have seen a seal off the Rainham Marshes recently, but Dolphins! Great sighting David. Just more to prove how anti-pollution laws are certainaly working for the River Thames.


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