Council seek ideas on the future of lorry parks in the borough

Thurrock Council is “undertaking a call for sites for HGV parking” and preparing an updated HGV parking study.

This means the council is on the lookout for as many possible potential lorry park sites across the borough so a thorough consideration of the merits of each site.

The Call for Sites process allows all interested parties to put forward proposals that will help Thurrock meet its needs for HGV parking and rest-up facilities in years to come.

Cllr Andy Smith, Thurrock’s portfolio holder for regeneration, said: “The council can now move the whole HGV parking issue forward. We want as many ideas as possible so we can look at all the advantages and disadvantages of each one and come to a reasoned and sensible outcome.

“Everyone knows and accepts that somewhere for lorry drivers to park up and rest safely is needed. The question is where.”

Any sites previously submitted to the council for HGV parking have been kept and will be considered. However, if there have been any changes to those sites the Council needs to know.

Anybody interesting in putting forward proposals should download a response form from the council’s website ( and get it to the council by 5pm on Friday, 23 September.

In addition the council is running two workshops to help site owners and developers with their submissions. The first — on the Methodology of the New HGV Parking Study – will be held on the morning of either 15 or 16 September 2011. The second — on the Methodology and Findings of the New HGV Parking Study – will be on a date to be confirmed.

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