Monday, July 15, 2024

Tilbury chemical leak update

Update: An investigation has found that the leak is small and poses no real danger to the docks or surroundings and at 12:26hrs crews handed the scene of the incident back to the site owners who will arrange to have the valve repaired.

Hazmat Officer, Assistant Divisional Officer Doug Sylvester said: “Our assessment has determined that the leak is small and does not pose a real risk of explosion.

“We had to take all the correct precautions before we were able to hand the site back to the owners. The tank contains 36,000 litres of liquid gas which expands by 250 times when released so this could have created a huge gas cloud and we needed to make sure that it did not pose a risk to the public.

“We initially had an 800 metre exclusion zone but we were able to quickly scale that back.”

No homes were evacuated as a result of this incident.


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