“Don’t trust Labour over crime” urges Tory

THE SHADOW Conservative spokesperson for Public Protection in Thurrock has made a blistering attack on Labours record on public protection.

Homesteads councillor James Halden has criticised Thurrock Labour’s record on the cuts, PCSOs, police station opening and cllr Kiely’s Twitter comments during the riots.

Cllr Halden said: “Lets get this into focus: we are talking about cutting receptions desks, not police numbers.

Essex police figures show that a massive 76.2 percent of people questioned in a survey stated that they had not visited a police station in the last 12 months.

“Despite the funding cuts made necessary by Labours legacy of debt, Essex will in fact have more officers out and about.

“The number of police officers in neighborhood policing teams will increase by around 12 percent (from 472 to 527).

“This is being made possible by cutting wasteful desk work and red tape.

Cllr Halden went on to attack the Labour leader cllr John Kent over his statement that the hadn’t been consulted over the cuts.

Cllr Halden said: asked “Well Cllr Kent,you have a representative to the police authority and you have a cabinet member with a public protection brief.

So except for political point scoring, what are you doing that is constructive?”

Cllr Halden went onto say “Cllr Kent’s hypocrisy is staggering.We have a council leader who, if he cared about police strength, then he would not have tried to cut police community support officers in his first budget after saying he supported there continuation in 2009.

“Fortunately the officers were saved by the Conservative alternative budget.

“We have a council leader who tells the public that he supports PCSO’s when he is in fact trying to cut them.

“We have a council leader that bemoans policing cuts to try and scare people without telling them that Essex police will be increasing its neighborhood policing teams.

We have a council leader who takes no action against a Labour Councillor who labels the police as racists when they are simply trying to deal with violent rioters.

“And we have a council leader who is in denial about the lack of money his lest government left behind.

“This just goes to show, you can’t trust Labour with public protection.”

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