Heartache as Catcracker landlady loses job and home

MANY had complimented Catcracker landlady Gill Matthews in the way that she had “turned around” the Catcracker Public House in The Sorrels, Corringham.

The pub, owned by Enterprise Inns of Solihull, had been subject to a plethora of public order concerns over the years. Indeed just before Gill took over (Nov 2010) the pub was in Grays magistrates court after using Albanian decoders on their television sets, thereby avoiding Sky satellite fees.

Gill was perceived to have put the pub on the straight and narrow. Even a little local difficulty concerning three Thurrock Conservative councillors known as “Winegate” saw Gill operating with consummate tact, firmness and diplomacy.

Indeed, Gill went to Thurrock Council two weeks ago to apply for amendments to her licence. There were objections but Gill was successful based on the way she had turned the pub around.

But last week, Gill got the shock of her life when according to the experienced landlady, her management company turned up at her door, sacking her and attempting to evict her.

Gill told YT “This was totally out of the blue. They told me that the pub was not making enough money and so a couple were taking over.

“They also wanted me out of the flat above the pub there and then.”

Believing this was an illegal eviction, Gill contacted Essex Police and local councillor Phil Anderson.

The eviction was averted but still left Gill jobless and looking for a place to live.

Ms Matthews told YT that the “management” of the pub was dealt with a company called Maccins Taw. YT spoke to a representative who refused to answer any questions.

Gill Matthews has now left the property. She said: “I would like to thank cllr Anderson as well as Danny and James (cllrs Nicklen and Halden) for all the help they gave.

Questions now remain regarding the extension to the licence. Dozens of local residents complained but great weight was given to the work that Ms Matthews had done in turning the pub around.

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