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Heartache as Catcracker landlady loses job and home

MANY had complimented Catcracker landlady Gill Matthews in the way that she had “turned around” the Catcracker Public House in The Sorrels, Corringham.

The pub, owned by Enterprise Inns of Solihull, had been subject to a plethora of public order concerns over the years. Indeed just before Gill took over (Nov 2010) the pub was in Grays magistrates court after using Albanian decoders on their television sets, thereby avoiding Sky satellite fees.

Gill was perceived to have put the pub on the straight and narrow. Even a little local difficulty concerning three Thurrock Conservative councillors known as “Winegate” saw Gill operating with consummate tact, firmness and diplomacy.

Indeed, Gill went to Thurrock Council two weeks ago to apply for amendments to her licence. There were objections but Gill was successful based on the way she had turned the pub around.

But last week, Gill got the shock of her life when according to the experienced landlady, her management company turned up at her door, sacking her and attempting to evict her.

Gill told YT “This was totally out of the blue. They told me that the pub was not making enough money and so a couple were taking over.

“They also wanted me out of the flat above the pub there and then.”

Believing this was an illegal eviction, Gill contacted Essex Police and local councillor Phil Anderson.

The eviction was averted but still left Gill jobless and looking for a place to live.

Ms Matthews told YT that the “management” of the pub was dealt with a company called Maccins Taw. YT spoke to a representative who refused to answer any questions.

Gill Matthews has now left the property. She said: “I would like to thank cllr Anderson as well as Danny and James (cllrs Nicklen and Halden) for all the help they gave.

Questions now remain regarding the extension to the licence. Dozens of local residents complained but great weight was given to the work that Ms Matthews had done in turning the pub around.


  1. I don’t know Ms Matthews but I would hope that she gets headhunted to run a local pub as she seems like a person who has, as you say, tact, firmness and diplomacy. Whatever the rights and wrongs of her eviction from the Catcracker, MaccinsTaw and Enterprise Inns have acted in a high-handed way. The only reason such a sudden eviction would be necessary would be if Ms Matthews was involved in serious crime, in which case the police would also be involved.
    And the unwritten message from Enterprise to potential new managers is “We don’t mind if there is a lot of public disorder – just make us lots of money”

  2. Being a former Enterprise Inns pub landlord, I feel for Ms Matthews. Something deffinately smells fishy here!
    Keep probing YT.

  3. I would firstly like to say that the way that the ex landlady Ms Matthews was treated was unfair but as with any job if you dont meet targets you are asked to leave. I would like to put the record straight to say the Ms Matthews has not vacated the flat above causing the young couple and their young child homeless. As a regular of pub Ms Matthews has lost a lot of her custom due to her vile language and behaviour, using her German Shepherd dog as a door man (which has bitten more than 2 people i know of, one a barmaid and the other was a gentleman who went to stroke the dog) and the general cleanliness of the pub. Ms Matthews is trying to cause as much trouble for the young couple, with the local residents by throwing bottles out of the flat above window at closing time and destroying the CCTV equipment which has caused the pub to close due to the licencing regulations. I know for a fact that Gill has been offered accommodation by Macinns and money to leave but she is diggin her heels in and will not budge. I feel sorry for the young couple. They have great ideas for the pub and wish to carry on and give the pub a good name but with Ms Matthews still there it’s never going to happen until she vacates.

  4. hi would just like to say a massive thank you for posting this and a big thank you for the previous two comments but i would like to make a few things clear for oliver.

    i was never given any targets to meet so i dont know where you got that idea from, i have not vacated the property as i also am classed as homeless and am unable to find suitable housing with a 2hour eviction time, if my pub was un clean then why did you ask for a gig in my pub at new years when you where in and also your sister asked me for a job, my languge isn’t vile and neither is my behaviour, my dogs have never been there to replace any doorstaff. All my bar staff were told at the time to not come through to the living area as the dogs are always about and to use the pub phone to call up if they needed me as they ll had my number, she dis obeyed that request and came through the door so she took that warning light hearted and there for it was not my fault what happened, the other gentleman was not bitten and it was by a different dog, he was told not to stroke her and continued to put his hand down to her while i talked to his friend as i was on my way out to take her for a walk she once again did not bite she warned him with a nip he was left with no marks! You and anyone is free to come and look at where i apparently threw a bottle/glass from the window a it would be impossiable to do so as the windows do not open, the CCTV equipment has not been tampered with in anyway and they would know so if they would turn my electric back on, the CCTV failed to work due the disconnection of the upstairs electric as police officer has been into the flat and examined the box and monitor and varified it has not been tampered with. Maccins taw or macc inns as they are now known as have offered me 1 pub in which was shortly withdrawn and as for the young couple who are living in the function room of the pub not with the child as stated as he/she goes to in laws. They informed me macc inns had told them I was vacating the property that day as i no longer wanted the pub. Anyone who knows me knows in the last 10months i have been very passionate about the catcracker i have asked for various things and been held back by the company to bring the pub forward. I have in the last week had threating behaviour from the managering director declan boyle which have been recorded and passed on to the police. the “young couple” have also been involved in some of these actions all i have ever asked is that i am given enough notice to leave my property i have done no wrong in fact i have been the one who has been wronged. with my two children and dogs where am i meant to go with two hours notice and no money coming in to afford a place in 2hours? so yes i am digging my heels in as it is wrong to expect someone to be homeless.

    once again thanks to the previous two comments i appreciate the support.

    ex landlady of cat cracker Gill mathews.

  5. I would just like to say i actually feel for both parties, both Gill and her kids, and Dan and Emma their young baby, the ones at major fault here are Enterprise Inns and Macinns Taw, who have and still are treating both Gill and Dan/Emma absolutly appallingly, just imagine if you turned up for work one day and not only were you told you were sacked but that there was a van waiting to kick you out of your home too !!! And from the other side imagine if you turned up for your new job which came with a home only to find hat he previous holder of the job/home hadnt been given any notice whatsoever, who can blame Gill for digging her heels in !! I know there are two sides to every story but I will say that I started to go into the Cat a few weeks after Gill took over, and the main reason was that I had heard that the new landlady was kicking out all the scum, ie read druggies/dealers, and the only way anyone can do this is to be tough and yes that might make you unpopular but over time it also make you popular for that self same reason, that Gill created a pub that takes a zero tolerance to such actions, who wants to go to a pub with your kids and family and openly see deals being done ???? If thats what you want, go to the Pomp, and and make sure you wipe your feet on the way out !!! We should all think of the human impact the actions of these 2 so called companies are having on the human aspect on both Gill and Dan/Emma, if they can treat Gill & Dan/Emma in this way then they can treat any of their current and future landlords in this way, maybe this should be a warning !!! Also, having done a bit of research of Enterprise’s share value, last year trading at £1.20+ a share, currently at £0.30+ a share, so in les that a year, the company have lost 3/4 of their vaeu, imagine if your home/car lost that much value in a year, that puts things into perspective of how the ompany is running, badly for all concerned !!! I wish Gill and Dan/Emma all the best for the future, no one deserves this !!

  6. To the EX landlady oliver58 is my username not my real name. I have never asked you to, as you say “gig” in the pub and i do not have a sister – please get the facts right. As i said i am a patron of the pub and i have seen you in action. I am not using this site to have a slanging match with you but just saying that i do feel sorry for your situation but it’s time to leave. Your 28 days notice is up this week and i am looking forward to the young couple and their child moving in and making the pub a better place to come in and have a drink. The changes are already in action and i hope to see some of the old faces coming back. The pub is clean, tidy and smells fresh unlike before. As for the bottle coming out of the window upstairs i was in the car park at the time leaving to go home so i am a witness. I would also like to say if you are not causing trouble for the new managers why were you arrested for criminal damage. As i previously said its time for you to move on and get on with things a leave the pub to people who are more capable. Thanks Oliver 58

  7. oliver i do not want a slanging match either but your obviously are not aware of the full story and to for you to know confidential things goes to show how biast you are, if they are changing the pub how come there was nearly a fight this weekend? If you were c witness to the bottle or glass being thrown then you should know it’s impossible from here and i wouldn’t be so pathetic to do so, the old faces that are coming back are ones i did not want in my pub as having it full of drugies isn’t a place for children, i was arrested for falling over a plant pot a

    s dan and emma had my car towed away for no legal reason so maybe instead of hearing one side of the story you should hear both as most of what is being said isn’t true and is unfair on me and my children me and my daughter put our all into this pub for very little retucarsnd limited resources and i don’t know how you can say more capable hands when neither dan or emma has a personal license!

  8. Yes i am bias! As for the supposed fight outside, that had nothing to do with the pub. Please Gill get your facts correct before you comment on things you clearly no nothing about. It was the brewery that had your car towed away due to no tax and it being on private property, it was not Dan and Emma. They are an innocent party in all of this. The old faces that are coming back are not the druggies that you keep referring to its the familes and decent patrons that left because of your vile behaviour. I think personally that you are being unfair on your children not the brewery. You have been offered alternative accommodation and money to leave and you wont vacate due to principal. If you cared for your family then why are you making them live in a property that has no electric and water when you could quite easily move out and give them a better life instead of making them suffer for your own satisfaction. Your takings and stocks were down and that is why you were asked to leave. The proof is in the pudding Gill takings have gone up!!!!!! Please refer from trying to cause trouble as everything is above board so no matter what you do you will not win this battle so i suggest you move on and make a new start for yourself and your family. Mrs J Oliver (username – oliver58 – fyi)

  9. “mrs j oliver” it was dan and emma who had it towed as i spoke to the company and the man told me so, it is on property which i am using so their is no fair ground for removal, i suggest you get both sides of the story before you make an opinion as what macinns taw have told dan and emma is rubbish as i haven’t been offered what they have been told i have, i would urge you to not to make your own conclusions when all 3 of us are being wronged and lied to! I am not doing this because i want to it’s because i have to i have no place to go and why should i live on the streets? I would suggest that you try to call the md of maccinns taw as by the sounds of it what would be good is a meeting to clarify all the lies they are telling, and as for losing your custom it obviously weren’t much anyway coz you can ask anyone of my regulars what they thought of my management and they would disagree with you, as for a battle to be won that isn’t what i am after i just want to be treated fairly until my 28days are up and i have suitable housing until then why should we live in fear over something that is out of my controle but i do strongly advise that you do not make your assumptions on what you are told as much of it is untrue and unfair because it is the company trying un justify their actions, i would say “mrs oliver” that you come and speak to me personaly then maybe you’ll see that this isn’t what i wanted!

  10. gill, to say that you have a vile mouth and temper is somewhat of an understatement, you were/are well known for both, and another reason that customers stayed away is because of the way you allow your ‘adhd’ son to speak to customers, telling them what he wanted to do to their daughters, and the way he also spoke to some of the barmaids which you allowed was appaling, he called one a ginger c*** and i know this is true as she told me, the way he continually even when asked politly not too say such things, he would then try and goad customers by being even more abusive, and by you allowing him to say such things and even laugh when he says such vile things, it was only his age that stopped anyone reacting, he should be at school, not surrounded by adults and certainly needs to be taught manners, somehow i dont think that will ever happen, i will start going back the minute i know you are totally gone and taken that little s*** bag with you !!


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